The Queen Commands In Her 5 Favorite Colors

The Queen Commands In Her 5 Favorite Colors


In honor of Queen Elizabeth, we listed down the 5 colors she loved to wear during her reign.

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Late on September 8, devastating news spread alarmingly fast across social media. A woman who was a symbol of lastingness and resilience— Queen Elizabeth became a strong figure of familiarity generation after generation. Rising up to the role amidst an exhausting and taxing condition, we have seen her gracefully push past several more challenges throughout the years.

Cultivating a modern style, we noticed how Queen Elizabeth used color to capture the eyes of those surrounding her. And as we recall her time as a queen to all, mother to her family, and a colleague to her fellow representatives— it’s only fitting to look back at her time as a fashion icon over the years.

Gorgeous Greens

Before green saturated the market, Queen Elizabeth already wore lush hues of greens that undoubtedly left an impression. Dare we say she’s a trendsetter herself?

Charming Blues

Relaxed yet sophisticated, the Queen is no stranger to classy silhouettes that exude grandeur.

Elegant in Red

The eye-catching color can be intimidating to wear but Her Majesty pulls it off elegantly.

Lovely in Purple

In true regal character, Queen Elizabeth elevates the color with her modern and chic ensembles.

Radiating Yellow

A quirky color that catches ones attention seamlessly and Queen Elizabeth utilized the color gracefully.

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