The Season of Fall Lipsticks Has Arrived, and Here’s How to Wear It

The Season of Fall Lipsticks Has Arrived, and Here’s How to Wear It


It’s time to swipe on the tried-and-true fall lip color that will instantly get you into an autumnal frame of mind

Entering a new season calls for subtle or significant changes, and it’s not just the scheduled wardrobe shift that’s making our hearts skip a beat. The time is also suitable for switching over lip color choices that perfectly complement the zing of crisp in the air. But among all categories, there seems to be one fall staple that reigns supreme with no questions asked: the understated elegance of deeper and darker lip colors. 

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Fall Lipsticks Guide

Traditional autumnal hues like warm browns and classic reds continue to be perennial favorites. On the one hand, shades of burgundy, plum, and cherry will be taking over the center stage this season—but it doesn’t end there. Innovative balms, stains, and oils consistently come in. To say the least, it only makes sense as to why fall is an exciting time to experiment with beauty. 

On the right way to wear the fall lip

Creating a perfect fall lip takes more time, effort, and attention than just a swipe. The secret? Proper preparation and application. Start by exfoliating the lips with a gentle lip scrub. Once accomplished, proceed with blotting the area to absorb extra moisture that could cause the product to bleed. Lastly, swipe on a trusted lip primer to help prolong the color’s wear.

Fall Lipsticks Guide

Deep and dark lip colors are more prone to bleeding and smearing, but fret not. Micellar water and super thin q-tips can fix any beauty mistakes. Pro tip: Another hack for a clean lip finish is to set the rim of the mouth with a translucent powder. It creates an invisible barrier that keeps the skin around the lips matte and oil-free.

On finding the perfect lip product

Fall Lipsticks Guide

In searching for the perfect lip product, it’s important to take note of the look and the finish you want to achieve. Think more of fall colors in tints, mattes, and glosses format. Tints are the subtle introduction of all manner of autumnal hues. Imagine, it only takes a couple of dots and blots to achieve a perfectly diffused wash of color. Alongside are the classic mattes and glosses—the best swipe for a complete fall beauty experience. 

Expert’s picks

Fall Lipsticks Guide

It’s no secret that the beauty department is never short of fall lip products. To take the guesswork out of your hand, we listed down five outstanding formulas that are a worthy addition to any autumnal beauty routine.


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