Discover The Secret Behind Precious Lara Quigaman’s Youthful Glow

Discover The Secret Behind Precious Lara Quigaman’s Youthful Glow


Miss International 2005 Precious Lara Quigaman reveals the exact non-invasive procedure behind her timeless glow

Former Miss International Precious Lara Quigaman has always been a woman of authenticity, intelligence, and confidence. After her impressive win in 2005, the beauty queen continues to be a role model to a lot of women. “Even when the spotlight softened a little, I always ensured that what I say, do, and portray never goes against any woman or anyone,” she shared. “I want to show that you can be in the spotlight while also being respectful to everyone, and just bring positivity to the room.”

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Thermage FLX Precious Lara Quigaman
Miss Universe 2015 Precious Lara Quigaman is announced as the newest ambassador of Thermage

With her timeless beauty and her passion for empowering women, it comes as no surprise as to why she is selected as the newest face of the Thermage Lift Up Your Beauty campaign. During an exclusive press release, the brand shared, “When it comes to personal milestones, Precious Lara Quigaman-Alcaraz is a great example of what a woman can achieve when she feels confident about herself.” 

Her honest approach to beauty 

Balancing family, career, and personal dreams while looking out for yourself is no easy feat, but it’s not impossible. “As much as you want to give to others—be it your family, your community, or even your work—you have to listen to what your mind and body are telling you,” she expressed in the exclusive press launch. “If something is too much, you should be willing to let it go, if not adjust, or make it better for you.” 

Thermage FLX Precious Lara Quigaman
The former beauty queen gracing the Thermage Lift Up Your Beauty press launch

As her interview continues, the former beauty queen also revealed that taking care of oneself is the key to feeling confident whatever stage of life one is in. “Everyone is striving to reach their milestones. But we have to make sure that aside from our responsibilities, we also give time to take care of ourselves because that’s when you’ll feel the most beautiful, most confident.”

Her top beauty choice 

Thermage FLX Precious Lara Quigaman
Precious Lara Quigaman names Thermage as her trusted beauty procedure for a youthful glow

Her choice of beauty procedure, Thermage, uses radiofrequency technology to heat the deep layers of the skin and boost collagen production, helping the skin to become younger-looking and address signs of aging. Every session claims to deliver real results that can appear as fast as two to six months—the kind that can last one to two years depending on each patient’s skin condition and aging process. More so, it’s non-invasive, it’s fast, and its recovery improves over time.

Introducing the Thermage FLX 

Thermage is known as the pioneer non-invasive skin tightening treatments in the country, the exact reason as to why it has earned a cult-following of A-listers, beauty experts, and celebrities. Over the years, thermage has conducted more than 2.5 million treatments and over 50 clinical studies, which have proven its system safe, efficient, and comfortable for patients all over the world. As for what’s next? One can only expect an elevated experience. 

Thermage FLX Precious Lara Quigaman
The former beauty queen continues to praise her experience from Thermage FLX

That being the case, Karina Laurena, Thermage Product Manager, officially announced the launch of Thermage FLX. “With significant improvement, we are proud to culminate the Thermage FLX, the 4th generation of its kind, which now offers more than 90% of patients achieving positive results enabling us to help anyone Lift Up Their Beauty to the fullest.” 


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