The Secret Formula to Extend the Life of Your Colored Hair

The Secret Formula to Extend the Life of Your Colored Hair


Enjoy your platinum blonde and bright color longer with this cutting-edge hair care technology.

After three taxing sessions with your hair stylist, you’ve finally achieved what you want—a platinum-blonde hair similar to what celebrities are sporting these days. But the real struggle begins the moment you need to maintain its vibrant and insta-worthy shade.

Several factors come into play that makes your color treated hair turn dull and lifeless. It might be the environment you’re in or your personal hair care routine. Too much exposure to the sun, frequent use of straightening iron, or rinsing your hair with hard or warm water are the common culprits.

You can try home remedies such as rinsing with cold water and getting a regular haircut to slowdown the fading and remove damaged ends. However, these are not yet scientifically-proven and need further research. Remember that you cannot google everything or do it yourself.

The good news is there is this long-standing research that claims to extend the life of colored hair, specifically, bleach toned locks. Hair colorist experts highly recommend using purple shampoo and conditioner to prevent blonde hair from turning brassy. Whether your light hued tresses are salon-achieved, natural or simply just highlights, this purple formula is the key to lock in the color.

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Why purple though? Shouldn’t it be yellow, gold or blonde as well? According to professional colorists (and art students), hues on the opposite sides of the color wheel can cancel out each other. This means the purple pigment can mute yellow tones within your hair. It makes the hair appear less brassy and more ashy.

Purple shampoo and conditioner are basically unheard of in this side of our world. But now, colored hair is more manageable with TRESemmé Pro-Color Series, specifically the Blonde Brilliance with purple formula for bleach-toned hair. Another variant is available for colored hair – TRESemmé Pro-Color Series in Color Radiance, with anti-fade technology and color radiance boosters.

The TRESemmé Pro-Color Series is the first in the world and is now finally in the Philippines. Filipinos now have more freedom trying out daring makeovers with bold hair color that stays.

TRESemmé Pro-Color Series is available in all leading supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores nationwide. Or order online via Shopee or Lazada. For more information, visit

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