The Secret Life Of Julia Montes

The Secret Life Of Julia Montes


Read an excerpt of this month’s MEGA Entertainment cover star, Julia Montes.

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Julia Montes maintains that being in show business doesn’t mean access to her personal life or people she loves in private. But little by little, she is slowly opening up. “I’m willing to explore ‘yung mga bagay na ano ‘yung puwede kong i-share sa life ko na I can inspire other teens na going through family problems, any problems na siyempre at the end of the day, may made-depress, may malulungkot. Suwerte lang ako nakahanap ako ng right path. And in our lives, hindi naman lahat nahahanap ang right path. So, when it comes to that point, I can share my story. Gusto ko siyang–gusto ko ‘pag magshe-share ako ng story ko, it can be inspiring. Ayoko lang ‘yung parang ang feeling na na-share ko siya and then na-share ko lang siya,” Julia makes a point.

And in sharing with me, I ask her, finally what I really wanted to ask. I asked if she was in fact, in a relationship and if she was in love. When I asked her how being in love feels for her, she answers without hesitation. 

“Siguro ‘yun pala ‘yung pakiramdam na inaalagaan ka naman. Hindi lang ikaw ‘yung nagbibigay ng love. Meron ka nang nare-receive na love. Mas naging expressive akoMas expressive ako sa mga bagay naemotions, especially when it comes to the aspect of love–’yung, ‘I miss you,’ ‘I love you,’ ‘yung hindi na ako nahihiya to take care of somebody. Dati kasi meron pang, ‘Baka isipin naman masyado akong ano.’ Or sa family ko, minsan–dahil nakalakihan namin na hind kami sweet, ngayon mas sweet ako dahil sa love. So, ang laki ng difference,” Julia says. 

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When I ask her why she is so silent about her love, she answers simply.

“Siguro kasi sa buong buhay ko, hindi ako selfish. This time, gusto ko ‘yung akin, akin. So, ayoko lang i-share for the sake of, pa-mysterious lang.

It’s more of I’m just protecting my own happiness.

Julia montes

“This time, gusto ko, no pressure from other people. Growing up, ang dami ng pressure. Pero ‘yung lumaki ka sa children’s show na parang siyempre lumalaki kaming may mga pressures, gusto ko sa aspeto ng buhay ko na ‘to, walang pressure. ‘Yung taong involved, ako, ‘yun lang ‘yung… ‘yun lang ‘yung importante, ‘yun lang ‘yung–’yun lang ‘yung nagma-matter. Walang opinions ng ibang tao kasi hindi naman natin lahat mape-please. And that’s my point of view na parang ‘wag na natin stress-in ‘yung sarili natin sa labas. Ito ‘yung atin so let’s just be happy and enjoy,” Julia stresses.

When I ask her, “Are you in love right now?”

And she answers with a definite, “Yes.”

 And for her, that is no secret. 

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“Actually, hindi ko kasi siya sasabihing secret. We just chose this path kasi we both believe na, ‘Ang atin, atin. Pumasok tayo sa trabahong ‘to na magulo. ‘Wag na nating paguluhin pati ‘yung atin.’” 

As much as Julia is protective of her love and as much as she is silent about it, she clarifies she is not silenced by it. There is a difference.

“No. There’s nobody…It’s just a personal choice. Personal choice namin ‘yun. And for us kasi talaga, naniniwala kami ‘pag ano kasing nandiyan, sisirain. ‘Pag hindi kayo, ‘pag magka-love team kayo, gustong maging kayo. ‘Pag kayo, pagsisirain kayo. So, might as well, “O, anong alam niyo?’ Okay, kung anong alam niyo, okay po. ‘Yun na lang,” Julia leaves it at that.

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I ask her finally if the one she loves asks her to marry her tomorrow, what would she say. 

Julia’s answer was a resounding, “Yes, of course!”

“I will not protect it naman if hindi,” she adds.

And maybe when that day comes, Julia Montes’ secret love will no longer be a secret anymore…

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