The Secret to Maintaining a Woman’s Crowning Glory According to Catriona Gray

The Secret to Maintaining a Woman’s Crowning Glory According to Catriona Gray


For Catriona Gray, preparation is a great precursor to success. Here are all the ways she conditions herself to thrive- from hair care regimens to establishing self-confidence through Cream Silk.

Since gracing the Miss Universe stage, the image of Catriona Gray’s free-flowing locks as she confidently struts in her lava gown has been imprinted on the minds of Filipinos. Following her iconic reign, she exudes power and confidence in every endeavor. Now, years into her career as a model and host, Catriona attributes her successes to preparation. She prepares to be her best self through self-care regimens that work for her. 

In celebration of Cream Silk’s 40th Anniversary, Catriona shares her hair care journey and how she perceives confidence.

Catriona Gray stuns at the Cream Silk 40th Anniversary event.

Let-Downs of Hair

As someone who takes great pride in her hair, Cat had quite a fun hair journey. Like everyone else, she has gone through an experimentive teenage phase in discovering what styles work for her. From highlights to hair bleaching that turned her locks a blazing orange, she had hair to match her adventurous streak.

The unveiling of the Cream Silk Hair Institute’s revolutionary hair profiling technology, an app that allows users to assess their hair needs.

“My hair became a very personalized thing because I saw it, [and it] is now a reflection of myself. [Our hair] is a part of our expression. How we feel about it can really affect our day and how we carry ourselves,” Catriona shared.

However, her hair phases soon turned into hair woes because of the nature of her work. She adds, “I have very thick hair. That said, I’m very prone to damage with the work I do with hot tools, styling, and coloring.”

A bad hair day can set you on the wrong course, greatly affecting your confidence. Recognizing this, Catriona began seeking ways to restore her damaged hair.

Guests get their unique hair needs assessed with Cream Silk’s hair profiling technology.

A Queen’s Regimen

“I don’t like intensive hair care. I like it to just be simple one, two, three, [and] out the door, doing what I need to do.”

Catriona always starts with washing her hair with a clarifying shampoo for her current hair care regimen. This cleanses dirt, debris, oil build-up, grease, and product off her hair. However, while this is a crucial step, it can also be stripping. Shampoo alone is not enough to bring out the full beauty of your hair. You also need to bring in products that nourish it.

Brand ambassadors Kyline Alcantara, Pia Wurtzbach, and Catriona Gray flaunt their uniquely beautiful hair on stage.

Catriona found that following with a conditioner is the best next step in her routine. In particular, she swears by the gold variant of the Cream Silk Triple Keratin Ultimate Repair & Shine Conditioner. This everyday conditioner smooths out frizz. It also improves manageability, softness, and shine, lending to the gorgeous flowy locks Cat is known for.

However, her hair often experiences intense damage from frequent styling during back-to-back photoshoots and events. Catriona also uses treatments once a week to counteract this and revitalize her hair. For this, she opts for the Cream Silk Salon Expert Treatment, which she says she travels with everywhere. With this, Catriona adds that she finds her regimen with Cream Silk as the cornerstone, not just for having healthier hair but also for making herself more confident.

Catriona’s holy grail product, the Cream Silk Salon Expert Treatment 

Redefining Healthy Hair

Of course, just as everyone is distinct in their own ways, people also have hair that is unique to them. This means finding the right treatments and regimens may be a difficult endeavor for some. “I think with making hair care accessible to everyone, it still constitutes knowing what hair regimen is right for you. That’s why Cream Silk hair gives you such a huge benefit to Filipinas. Because one, it is scientifically catered to our type of hair,” Catriona said.

Cream Silk’s product line is scientifically tailored to cater to the unique hair structure of Filipinas, which is vastly different from Caucasian hair. It also considers Filipinas’ hair habits, like daily hair washing. Moreover, it provides hair solutions that fit the Philippines’ hot and humid environment. Most importantly, Cream Silk also offers a diverse product range that caters to every hair concern.

Cream Silk Hair Institute live demo
A live demo of the science behind Cream Silk’s products and how they penetrate deep within hair follicles.

With this, Catriona expressed how Cream Silk empowers women to achieve confidence through healthy hair. “Here’s a great product, a world-class quality product that wants to make Filipinos feel world-class. It wants to make them feel like their most confident, beautiful selves.” However, regarding healthy hair, Catriona reminded everyone to be wary of what they see in commercials. After all, beautifully styled hair looks different for everyone with different textures and hair colors.

“Allow your reality to be shaped, not by some curated finesse image. Healthy hair looks different on everyone. As long as you feel it’s smooth, it’s healthy, you’re using a regimen that works for you, that is your definition of healthy and beautiful hair.”

Pia and Catriona share on stage their views on what confidence means to them.

The True Crowning Glory

Just like your hair, you need to condition yourself to be confident. However, Catriona pointed out that, like everyone else, even her confidence wavers from time to time—and that’s completely fine. Catriona further highlighted how confidence is a muscle you must continuously work on. “Anything that feeds into that, whether it be improving on a skill of yours, spending time around people who really build you up, and taking time to really care for yourself and really love yourself, it’s all worth doing.” 

Sharing this perspective with fellow brand ambassadors Pia Wurtzbach and Kyline Alcantara, the three further emphasized how their Cream Silk hair routines empowered them. For them, small acts of self-care, like a hair routine, are a step to achieving your most confident self.

However, beyond this, they also believe having confidence paves an opportunity to uplift others and help them discover confidence. “That’s what Cream Silk is doing with its mission and vision, and that’s why I love working with this brand. I’m very, very proud to be an ambassador,” Catriona adds.

Catriona Gray is her most confident self with the help of Cream Silk.

To wrap things up, she also says, “Allow yourself to discover what confidence looks like to you. Find products that allow you to feel at your best, and just give yourself grace. We’re all doing the best we can.”

At the end of the day, having great hair is not only a source of pride but also the key to unlocking confidence. For Catriona, that confidence is the true crowning glory, empowering you to tackle life and be the best version of yourself you could possibly be.

PHOTOGRAPHY Cream Silk Philippines and Kieran Punay of KLIQ.

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