The Secret’s Out: This Award-Winning Collagen Supplement Helps Give You Fresh Skin

The Secret’s Out: This Award-Winning Collagen Supplement Helps Give You Fresh Skin


Treat your skin with an award-winning glow with this top skin care secret

People nowadays are obsessed with skin care—from lotions to creams, from serums to supplements. Everyone loves to keep their skin young, smooth, and fresh. However, finding the easiest way to get and keep your skin to be that way is the big, million-dollar question.  Luckily,  one of the industry’s award-winning skin care secrets is here so you can achieve that youthful, smooth, and fresh skin you most certainly want.

The secret to great skin is something you may have heard of: collagen. Collagen is a protein naturally produced in our bodies which helps our connective tissues hold our body’s cells together, such as skin’s elasticity. Collagen doesn’t just help with our skin. It also aids in nail and hair growth, joints, sleep cycle, and other bodily functions. As we grow older though, our body’s production of collagen decreases, which results in signs of skin aging. To fill this need, it is recommended that we take in supplements to meet our daily collagen requirements.

The #SKJNholy3nity Bundle consist of the SKJN Collagen Microtablets, the SKJN Instaglow Aqua Gel, and introducing the SKJN Instafizz Effervescent with Vitamin C

Good thing Secret Key from Japan (SKJN) has made it easy for you to meet your daily collagen needs with their award-winning products. Now in its third year, the brand has sold over 18 million microtablets and has been recognized as the Star Trusted Anti-aging Collagen Brand of 2022 by the Philippine Social Media Awards. What makes SKJN different from other collagen supplements is that their supplements come in microtablets, making them easier to consume, unlike other collagen brands with their hard to swallow pills.

The secret to SKJN’s products is they use natural ingredients such as marine collagen which makes it easier for our bodies to absorb the nutrients, as well as the most powerful collagen peptides for a compact dose per tablet. To be sure of your safety, SKJN is also FDA approved and uses air-vacuumed duma bottles to ensure that the tablets you are taking remain fresh.

SKJN Collagen Microtablets are conveniently manufactured to be small and easy-to-take

Rather than keeping this secret to themselves or to a select few, SKJN is coming out with a blast on their third year with a special bundle that includes: SKJN Collagen Microtablets which, for every bottle sold, SKJN is committed to give PHP 5.00 to relevant causes making someone, somewhere glow everytime you glow; SKJN Collagen Instaglow Exfoliating Aqua Gel, a must-try for Cure Aqua enthusiasts, for instantly smooth and glowing skin; and their brand new SKJN Instafizz Effervescent with Vitamin C, best taken with a hot teacup of water, which gives a stronger immunity, healthier hair and nails, and firmer skin. If you are on the go, SKJN also offers Collagen Chewable tablets so you won’t have to worry about how to take your dose while on the road.

Be sure to grab the #SKJNholy3nity Bundle at PHP 333 off this July and be updated with the latest news from SKJN Beauty by checking out their official Instagram account for more information.

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