The Sisterhood of Hana Beshie, Arizona Brandy, and ØV CÜNT warms our Festive Spirit

The Sisterhood of Hana Beshie, Arizona Brandy, and ØV CÜNT warms our Festive Spirit


The Drag Race Philippines Season 2 sisters electrify the Christmas season with “A Very BBC Holiday.”

Beshie, Brandy, and CÜNT, collectively called BBC, resemble a tasty dish where each ingredient complements the other. Individually, they have distinct personalities and art that shine strong. But serving them together on a single plate creates fireworks of flavors that tickle us in all the right places. 

a very bbc holiday

Seeing their apparent magnetism towards each other on Drag Race Philippines and witnessing the friendship first-hand at viewing parties, it’s only fitting to bring their unique charm to different stages around the country. “A Very BBC Holiday” was a drag show filled with wild comedy, fashion, and merry havoc. 

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drag race philippines season 2

Joining BBC in the spotlight at the Arcana Lounge in Greenhills are 4 of their fellow contestants from Season 2: Captivating Katkat, Bernie, Matilduh, and Tiny Deluxe.

After the show, we chatted with Arizona Brandy, Hana Beshie, and ØV CÜNT to dig into the story behind their sisterhood.

How has the BBC friendship grown and changed since you were on Drag Race Philippines together?

Arizona: “We got to know each other on a super personal level now. Sa Drag Race kasi pwedeng naging close lang kami kasi wala kaming choice, joke! Pero paglabas namin, dun ko napatunayan na these girls are really my bestest friends.”

ØV: “When the first-meet confrontation with the episode one queens happened, Arizona and I just kept looking at each other like we were talking without even talking. Then, we sat beside each other and had our little corner together. Our friendship just blossomed since we were the smokers and constantly bugging Miss 5 Minutes Girl to let us smoke every moment we had a chance.”

Hana: “Nagsimula lang talaga siya sa Drag Race dahil lagi kaming magkasama sa yosi breaks. Tapos nagde-destress [kami together] ng mga bagay-bagay [hanggang] lumalim siya nang tumagal. Na-realize ko sa loob na silang dalawa ang maaasahan ko sa mga bagay nung mga times na sila ‘yung tinatakbuhan ko ‘pag alam kong nahihirapan ako sa mga pangyayari. Most of the times, sila mismo ang lumalapit sa’kin para i-uplift ako. Paglabas [namin sa Drag Race], sobrang barkada vibes lang talaga. Sobrang love ko ‘yang dalawa!”

ØV: “I’ve known Hana Beshie since our House 628 virtual parties. When asked about my first impressions, I was trying to sound catty during a confessional: ‘I think she’s a fan.’ I vividly remember approaching Hana when the cameras went off, giving her a big hug, and saying how proud I am of her for being there with me.


You bring different styles and personalities to the table, which really makes BBC stand out. What have you learned from each other during and after your time on DRPH?

ØV: “I felt like we could literally do anything without hesitation, without fear of doing anything wrong, and without fear of imperfection because that’s what makes us human. It’s the magic of imperfection. Having fun even when it’s the darkest time of your life made me realize that doing drag is actually fun and that we don’t have to take everything seriously.”

Hana:Natutuwa nga kami lagi ‘pag suot namin ‘yung mga damit namin. Nasasabi namin, ‘grabe, ang lalayo ng drag natin, pero nagme-make sense in a way.’ Baka ‘yun siguro ang strong suit namin as a group in drag. I’ve learned a lot from my sisters, sobra! Kay ØV, I have learned the art of being firm and standing your ground. Kay Arizona, she really sees the practical side of things; realistic siya mag-isip, ganon!”

Arizona: “N/A, chour! Hana and ØV inspired me to explore more when it comes to my fashion and makeup.”

Hana Beshie

What do you feel is that glue or magnet that drew the three of you together?

Hana: “I think it’s because even on very challenging situations, nasisingitan parin namin siya ng reason to have fun. Pareho [rin] kami ng wavelength sa mga kalokohan.”

Arizona: “We are all crazy in our unique, different way.”

ØV: “We just love stupid things — unserious to the nth degree. But we’re still there for each other. I remember the day when we filmed the finale  and heard how sad Arizona was when Hana and I got eliminated. We asked for a yosi break with Ari to lift her up.” 

Arizona Brandy

Please share something about the other two that would surprise us.

Arizona:May balat na heart-shaped si ØV and si Hana sa bandang singit.”

Hana: “As tough as ØV might look outside, in reality, siya ‘yung softy sa amin. She really enjoys bonding time, ganon! May ugali siya na mahilig magpalambing. Si Arizona naman, siya ‘yung matrona vibes sa grupo! KJ minsan; mas gusto niyang umuwi ng bahay keysa gumala.”

ØV: “Arizona is a softy that wants to be strong for everybody. Hana is a scaredy cat while watching a horror movie.”

BBC drag show

What’s the most fun or memorable on-stage moment together?

ØV: “Our favorite moment every time we perform is when it’s time for our banter on the microphone.”

Arizona: “All of it! Pero seriousely, ‘pag magkakasama kami sa stage, expect nothing but chaos and fun!”

Hana: “Sure ako na on-stage ‘yung sasabihin ng dalawa, kaya ibahin ko na lang sa’kin. This is more on experiences while touring, ganon: nahulog si Arizona sa kanal sa CDO!”

ØV and Hana

How do you support each other outside drag?

Hana: “Well, sobrang daming support na ang natanggap ko sa kanila. May times na sobrang kailangan ko ng tulong at hindi sila nagatubiling mag-extend ng help. Same din sa kanila na I would never [hesitate] to help if they’re in need.”

ØV: “We’ve already experienced one of our hardest experiences together and one of our toughest moments, but something undeniable is we’ll always find a way to cheer each other up. We hate seeing one of us lose that glitter of joy that makes us us.”

Arizona: “‘Yung simpleng pagse-send nila ng random meme sa GC namin; ang laking bagay nun sa’kin. It makes me feel na may 2 sisters akong laging nandiyan for me.”

BBC drag

How do you envision BBC in the coming years?

Arizona: “We’ll conquer the world! We’ll accomplish greater things no one has ever imagined — oh, pasabog!”

ØV: “I know we’re just getting started. With the skills that we have right now, what more can we give to the world? I know we’re meant for bigger things!”

Hana: “We always imagine ourselves being in a movie, sitcom, or TV show. Lagi namin yan ini-imagine ‘pag nag-uusap kami. ‘Yan ang pinaka-what if and dream project naming tatlo.”


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