The Story Behind the Bathroom Photoshoot at the MEGA Anniversary Party

The Story Behind the Bathroom Photoshoot at the MEGA Anniversary Party


The girls bathroom during any party is always filled with fun and laughter, and it’s no different during MEGA’s 32nd Anniversary Party. From Belle Mariano to Michelle Dee, see below their candid moments

mega anniversary party

As much as we want to say that everything happens naturally, we have to admit that there are times we literally have to make it happen. One of which is this bathroom shot we took at the MEGA Anniversary celebration, where we gathered various celebrities for a quick and fun photoshoot. If you look at it as a whole, the setting was perfect since they were dressed to the nines, and the vibes were daring enough for this to fit the theme. 

mega anniversary party

For full disclosure, we personally asked these celebrities if they were comfortable enough to take photos in the chosen location, and we were pleasantly surprised when all of them enthusiastically agreed to it. Remember, consent is the key to these kinds of creative shoots.

andrea brillantes, michelle dee, issas pressman, jayda, and rhian rhamos

The night went on as per usual, and we waited until everyone was in the club. Last to join the group was Belle Mariano who arrived when we were already setting up the lights for the shoot. Nonethless, the beloved star made a fabulous entrance, and all the girls gave her a warm and ethusiastic welcome before the shoot started. 

candid mega anniversary party

It was quick and it was fabulous! All of the girls already knew their best angles and how to play off each other’s infectious energy. To stay on trend and bring a sense of nostalgia, of course the team had to do a digicam version of the shoot. The stars also had to sneak in a quick bathroom selfie for themselves to make the most out of it.

mega anniversary party selfie

The bathroom was filled with celebrities and a team that consisted of an art director, a photographer, a MEGAStyle ambassador, and digital writers, proving that it takes a village of creatives to make a vision come to life.

belle mariano


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