Connect and Create: The Story Behind This Tech-Powered Cafe Artwork

Connect and Create: The Story Behind This Tech-Powered Cafe Artwork


Can creatives and business co-exist? MEGA and Samsung team up to tell a story on how two industries can come together, express their ideas to the fullest, and create something truly epic

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By the bustling streets of the city, a coffee shop becomes a refuge for creatives and business-minded people alike. Sure, caffeine has become a favorite to fuel these brilliant minds, but a closer look would show that something else powers their work: technology. This was exactly the catalyst that made Divine’s dream of elevating her business space with new artwork possible, and how Andre became the perfect artist partner to make it happen.

Start small, dream big

For Andre, artistry is more than just stunning visuals and color theory. To actually bring his projects to the spotlight, he needs a way to present them for the world to see.

“Being an artist, communicating my creativity is key. I need an epic device that would make my life more convenient.”


From a quick sketch on his Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G with the S Pen, to final documentation and archiving on his online portfolio site, technology makes him visible. He can seamlessly work on his projects with an uninterrupted idea flow. When a new image pops in his head, he can quickly draft it on his digital canvas. When it’s time to get dirty in all the paint, he can slip on his Galaxy Buds2 and take advantage of voice commands so he can work in constant motion. Finally, a quick snap and post online completes the project.

In fact, it was through his online portfolio where an eventual partnership would begin—one that would bridge the gap between creativity and productivity.

Art at first sight

As a cafe owner, Divine keeps the business afloat at the back-end. Spreadsheets for data, social media for promotions, and chats and video calls with partners—technology plays a big part in this. With the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G by her side, and especially with the ever-faithful Book Cover Keyboard, work hasn’t been a problem.

“As an entrepreneur, technology plays a big role in my day to day life… Running my business used to be so complicated, until I was introduced to my new business partner.”


But her role is not all just about working behind the scenes. She needs the place to be inviting to all walks of life. The fresh brews make them come in, but the interior and ambiance makes them stay. Spotting a blank wall space, Divine immediately got on her device and searched for an artist who meets her vision for an installation. This is how she found Andre, and a long Google Duo call later, the vision now becomes reality.

Andre now takes to his studio, working with a full suite of programs such as Clip Studio Paint working seamlessly between the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G as the canvas, and his Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G as the palette. After a digital rendition, he loads his brushes with paint and creates the final piece.

Back at the cafe, Divine and Andre finally meet to welcome the art to its new home. Hanging on the wall is not only a manifestation of artistic talent, but also a creation made possible through technology. If it weren’t for the convenience of the S Pen, the drafting process may have taken ages. If it weren’t for an online portfolio, Andre may have been out of sight. If the Google Duo call never took place, they may have never exchanged ideas as clearly as they did.

Watch how this epic story of creativity and productivity unfolded:

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