The Stylish Switch of Office Outfits

The Stylish Switch of Office Outfits


Wondering how office attire got so stylish? We’re here to guide you through the sudden shift with some tips on how you can recreate it

Back then, dressing for the office didn’t seem to have much fuss to it. We’ve got a checklist of go-to picks that we can call our uniform, but in different shades. Simple polo? Check. Tapered trousers? Got it. White button-down? Covered. These were the essential pieces that made up our office wardrobe a few years back, but we can’t say the same about it this time around. So what caused the shift of fashionable choices when going to the office? We’re here to break down the trend while giving you some tips on how you can elevate your office outfits in a chic manner.

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Gen Z and their explorative personality

A couple years ago, Generation Z had quite the roller coaster ride in fashion. They were open to countless micro trends, which then widened the opportunity to explore various styles. From then on, we have seen the younger portion of the workforce switch from the famous Y2K fads to minimalist chic looks when heading to the office. 

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Transition from work-from-home to on-site 

Since graduation season just passed and internships are being occupied by the younger generation, it’s definitely a sight to see them mix and match their semi-formal picks with fun wardrobe pieces. What was once unconventional to wear for work is now embraced by the new generation. 

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We also need to give credit to their creative interpretations of the usual office attire. They figured out the cheat sheet to curate a chic yet professional wardrobe, which usually consists of straight-cut trousers and plain shirts, or maxi skirts paired with knitted sweaters. These combinations are just some of the few that can be considered as the new go-to ensembles, and it’s definitely worth trying.

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New found love for new spaces

Another factor that adds to this shift is the rise of co-working spaces. Companies have migrated to a spacious and relaxed ambience compared to the conventional office stalls. Since it exudes an aura of ease, employees match the energy with their ensembles, and this can especially be seen if you’re working in a creative environment. 

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Curate your own wardrobe

So how can you infuse a chic style to your office wardrobe? The key to this is to fix up a capsule wardrobe. Know your color palette, pick your style, and make sure that the pieces can work together. Keep your look clean and sleek if you want to embrace the chic work girl aesthetic.

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