The Tale of the Ibanag Specialty: Cagayan’s Very Own Sinanta

The Tale of the Ibanag Specialty: Cagayan’s Very Own Sinanta


Placing a spotlight on an underrated Ibanag cuisine staple through the eyes of Filipina food expert, Nina Daza-Puyat

Philippines is undoubtedly a country with vast cultural specialties depending on their region of origin. With fashion, folklore, and even language, our country’s lush culture is also home to unique and exquisite local dishes worthy of love on a global scale.

As someone who has been one of the top names in the Philippine food industry for decades, Nina Daza-Puyat surely has a thing or two up her sleeves when it comes to formulating recipes. However, for Sinanta, Nina remained true to the original recipe that was shared to her. Introduced by her fellow cookbook author and friend, Malou Perez Nievera, Nina presented this regional noodle dish for Filipino Food Month back in 2020. 

Growing up in Tuguegarao, Malou shares fond memories with Sinanta, as it’s usually served during her father’s birthday. Her family also pairs it with a sweet and starchy dessert, Pinafuku, that is somewhat similar to Carioca—another sweet and sticky Filipino snack.

Sinanta Ibanag Cuisine by Nina Daza-Puyat

Originating from Cagayan Valley, this hearty Ibanag dish is described to be filling and soothing as it features an assortment of proteins, two types of noodles, and three kinds of broth. Nina even added laddit from Abra as one of the noodles, and Sapporo’s Long Kow Vermicelli to give the dish a more authentic taste.

The rich umami flavors of the chicken, pork, and clam broths, along with the savoriness of the pork, chicken, shrimp, and clams as the proteins, really establish how this Sinanta has won the hearts of many. 

The Long Kow Vermicelli is Sapporo’s flagship and most popular product. It is gluten, fat, and cholesterol free. To know more, you may visit their website.

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