The Top Fashion Trends That Ruled HKTDC Centrestage

The Top Fashion Trends That Ruled HKTDC Centrestage


We flew to Hong Kong for an exclusive look at Asia’s Fashion Spotlight: CentreStage. Here, we highlight our ultimate takeaway from HKTDC Centrestage—the top fashion trends.

MEGA got the exclusive opportunity to fly to Hong Kong to witness the fashion extravaganza that is CENTRESTAGE. Truly worthy of being called “Asia’s Fashion Spotlight”, the event celebrated fashion on a whole new level, featuring top designers and brands from all over the globe.


A 5-day fashion fest, the event was not only chockfull of top tier shows highlighting the best in design but talks and seminars that opened conversations about relevant topics in the industry. It was also an opportunity to connect with the movers, shakers, and game-changers of the fashion world.

A fashion event of this magnitude would require strategic logistical planning like no other. HKTDC did a spectacular job in creating a trade fairgrounds to showcase the brands along with grand fashion shows. Not to mention handling over 240 fashion brands, international media, celebrity guests, and industry personalities in a truly organized fashion. It was an unforgettable experience, to say the least.


The theme of this year’s CentreStage was Future Tribes, perfectly summing up their mission to explore and unite the brave future of contemporary fashion.

Featuring international brands and designer labels, CentreStage puts the very best front and center. The fashion shows, as huge as they were, showed the designers in their element. From homegrown brands to the very best of Asia, established designers to up-and-comers, we were blessed with a barrage of delectable looks.

Here, we rounded up the top fashion trends of CentreStage that definitely made more than a lasting mark.

Asymmetrical Hems

An uneven hemline is a surefire way to punctuate an outfit while leading the eyes to every detail of the look. We saw the technique utilized in various fabrics from denim to tulle.

Tak Lee

Pattern and Print Play

A prevalent pattern play was seen throughout the shows as the designers showcased digital prints, knits, and kitschy tapestries.

Kevin Ho
Polly Mak
Tina Tsoi
Keith Chan

Power Suits

Powerful lines meet masterful tailoring as suit dressing takes the spotlight, and this time they come in braver designs and bolder silhouettes.

Chan Meiyan


From plumage to lace, fringe to fur, the designers appealed to both senses of sight and touch.

Anaïs Jourden
Anaïs Jourden


Wong Chun Ka Alice


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