The Yassi Pressman Way of Healing From a Breakup

The Yassi Pressman Way of Healing From a Breakup


Here’s how Yassi Pressman copes through everything after her recent loss, heartbreak, and separation, and how we can do it, too

Two days ago, Yassi Pressman’s past partner Jon Semira confirmed the news that he and the actress have officially ended their relationship. Ending speculations circulating online, the businessman wrote, “It’s been a while since the breakup. It was a decision made from the both of us, and us only. The third party rumors are false.” Pressman, though tagged on the said Instagram, stayed silent until now. 

In an exclusive statement, the Viva Artist shared her thoughts on the breakup. “Life is a journey of self-discovery and growth, and I’m embracing this new chapter with excitement and optimism. I believe in the power of healing and self-care, and I’m using this time to explore who I am as an individual.” 

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Yassi Pressman

The truth is, no fame or fortune eases the reality of a breakup. And yet, time is a common healer of all wounds. As the actress continues her journey to healing, you might find yourself in a similar situation whether it’s a loss involving a family member, a lover, a friend, or a pet. With that, MEGA Entertainment rounds up the ways we see Yassi slowly taking steps into healing, and maybe you can try them, too. 

Getting in touch with your energy

Many celebrities like Nadine and Bretman have been vocal on how crystals help them get in touch with their energies, and Yassi is definitely getting in touch with her own during her healing process. Protecting your peace and preserving your energy takes a lot of learning and unlearning, but just like the dancer-actress, you can do it one crystal or sage and herbs at a time. 

Yassi Pressman healing

Giving yourself a makeover

After a breakup comes a feeling of shared heaviness and lightness within you. The space left by a loved one may be a hollow one, but it also makes room for better things for you. If you want to translate this new chapter into a physical manifestation, a subtle or striking makeover is key. 

Yassi Pressman breakup makeover

Grabbing a flight 

Flying to another destination may be a form of escapism, but it’s not you running away from your problems. Healing can be found in places you least expect, and traveling allows you to meet yourself again. For sure, her recent trip to Los Angeles was meaningful and nurturing for her soul. 

Yassi Pressman breakup travel

Gaining small wins

Progress is progress nonetheless when it comes to healing, and it’s good that the CAReoke host understands the power of small wins. During her golf time, she shared how she’s slowly getting the hang of the sport.

Yassi Pressman breakup sport

Growing through freedom

With better perspectives about love and life, Yassi for sure is taking her sweet time when it comes to living her life. Bringing the lessons she’s learned from her past, she continues to grow and mature on the reel screen and in real life. With that, she accepts and enjoys freedom. In her words, “It’s nice to be free like this hummingbird on me.” 

Pressman healing breakup

Photos: YASSI PRESSMAN (via Instagram)

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