These Are Liza Soberano’s Daily Skincare Non-Negotiables

These Are Liza Soberano’s Daily Skincare Non-Negotiables


Reaffirming her endorsement of Korean skincare brand Deoproce, Liza Soberano shares what makes the brand her trusted partner to get her through skincare problems and concerns about aging

As an actress, Liza Soberano does not play around when it comes to her skincare routine. To maintain her youthful and glowing complexion, she trusts only Deoproce, a cutting-edge Korean skincare brand that addresses diverse skin concerns with precision and efficacy. On the heels of her global premiere for Lisa Frankenstein, she reaffirms this endorsement by testifying to Deoproce’s effectiveness at their latest campaign event for “Skincare Beyond Compare.” This tagline encapsulates the brand’s initiative to transcend beyond the conventional boundaries of skincare and empower individuals to make informed choices about their skincare routine.

Ambassador Liza Soberano with representatives from Deoproce and ZFace Inc.

Having healthy skin goes deeper, too, as maintaining a glowing complexion empowers Liza as a global actress. “I would say it makes me feel like my most confident self, and therefore, I’m able to perform better, and not feel so self-conscious about the way I look,” she mentions. “I feel like that’s the last thing I want to worry about whenever I step out into the public eye or when I’m working. I don’t want to have to worry about how people think I look. And so I really put a lot of focus on taking care of myself.”

Her skincare secret

With Deoproce’s newest “Skincare Beyond Compare” campaign, Liza Soberano continues to embody radiant beauty and sophistication, while underscoring the brand’s commitment to revolutionary skincare. In this relaunch of Deoproce, the synergy between the campaign and Liza’s ambassadorship not only revitalizes its image but sets a new benchmark for skincare excellence, promising a future where anyone can achieve skin that goes beyond standards.

Liza Soberano and the host
Liza Soberano at the Deoproce launch event

Regarding her own maintenance routine for her skin, Liza says, “I would say it’s not as hard as people would think. It’s important that you lock in a routine that is practical and sustainable for yourself.” Now, with Deoproce, she’s confident it’s always going to work for her so long as she sticks to the routine that works. Not only that, but she emphasizes a healthy lifestyle consisting of a well-balanced diet, lots of water, and exercise to boost the efficacy of skincare products.

All that said, the specific skin concern she addresses through her Deoproce-powered routine is dry skin. “I actually have naturally very dry skin, so especially when I’m traveling to places that are less humid, I tend to get dry patches on my skin,” she begins. The secret to addressing her dry patches? Deoproce products with Hyaluronic acid. “Hyaluronic acid helps other ingredients penetrate better. So, if I’m using a thicker moisturizer, I feel like it just helps the skincare pass through,” she explains. “Aside from that, Salicylic acid.”

The Deoproce Calming Boosting Balancing Cream deeply moisturizes, calms, and repairs the barrier to your skin
The Deoproce Green Caviar Cream Moisturizer provides a hydration boost to your skin

She continues with a laugh, “And also, I feel like I am going to age a lot faster because I am half white—half Caucasian—and so I always try to prevent that from happening. So, I’m very consistent with sunblock.” To that end, Deoproce’s UV Sunblock Cream is a must-have since it corrects tone, shields your skin from the sun, and is non-greasy.

“I’ve also kind of noticed that depending on where I travel, the weather is always different, and so my skin also reacts differently to skincare products. I find that when I go to L.A., I have to use more moisturizing ingredients compared to when I’m here in the Philippines because it’s so hot and humid, you don’t want to be too moisturized.” So, when it comes to her traveling skincare must-haves, she lists two things: a facial cleanser and a sunblock. “I’m obsessed with sunblock right now,” she shares. “I’m very adamant about using sunblock all the time.

Premium Deoproce UV Sunblock Cream SPF42 PA+++

Of course, how you use these products matters, too. For Liza, the skincare habit that works for her is double cleansing, and she noticed that this particular routine helps prevent breakouts from makeup usage. “That’s one non-negotiable for me. I can’t just wash my face with a facial cleanser. I have to go in with a makeup remover first, whether it’s a micellar cleanser or a makeup-removing oil. I love stuff that is non-abrasive, so I tend to avoid anything that kind of stings like the wet wipes that remove makeup. I don’t like those because they scratch my face.”

The Deoproce Snail Recovery Line for anti-aging diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and more
The Deoproce Daily All in One Line provides an immediate boost of moisture and keeps skin healthy

Skincare Beyond Compare

For each of Liza’s unique skin concerns regarding aging, dryness, and more, Deoproce has products that solve it. Whether she’s staying in the Philippines or adjusting to a different climate abroad, she trusts Deoproce’s research-backed advancements to get her through dry patches and film shoots.

Doctors at the Deoproce launch event
The doctors behind Deoproce’s cutting-edge advancements

Deoproce’s skincare offerings come in collections all expertly designed to solve a wide variety of skin concerns. One such skincare collection is the Snail Recovery Line, which focuses on improving skin hydration and combating signs of aging. There is also the Green Caviar Line, which offers skin moisturization and helps eliminate acne, cellulite, and wrinkles. Other notable skincare lines include Snail Galactox, Skin Reveal, Core Firming, Aloe Vera, Body Serum, and Sun Care, all of which cater to diverse skin needs and concerns.

Deoproce AC CICA Line
Deoproce Aloe Vera Line

There is always a Deoproce solution for every skincare concern. For a personalized exploration of their skincare offerings, the brand encouraged its guests at its recent launch event to talk with their in-house experts for on-the-spot consultations and pick out the products they need from their collections. Overall, the launch event, with its informed guest speakers and engaging activities, was a doubtless success.

Models and influencers show off their Deoproce skincare haul from the launch event
Models and influencers explore Deoproce’s skincare collections during a shopping experience

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Featured Image: DEOPROCE

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