These Are The 3 Summer Staples You Need To Keep Updated

These Are The 3 Summer Staples You Need To Keep Updated


Summer is here! These are the 3 outfit staples you need to keep updated for the hot days ahead.

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The summer time can take a toll on your clothes. Constant washes from using your clothes under the sweltering heat can disrupt the fibers. On top of this, trips to the beach can also damage your new threads. Over exposure to sunlight can lighten the prints of your favorite t-shirt, while wearing your garments out at sea can leave rings and permanently stain your clothes. It’s a long and tiring process to revive your summer staples to mint condition. Yet, it also wouldn’t be right to wear something that doesn’t serve the main purpose of clothing–– to protect you from external elements.

That’s why it’s important to replenish your wardrobe for the summer. When you live in a tropical country, it’s an absolute must. You don’t need to do a whole wardrobe makeover. You just need to make sure these 3 items are ready for your next summer vacation.

We can usually wear our swimsuits for a number of times before we see signs of damage. Sometimes the fabric thins out, there are blotches of discoloration, or the padding deforms. When this happens, it’s time to refresh your swim essentials.

Try out: Sew Local’s custom swimsuits for their high quality fabrics and how the custom fit clings perfectly on the body.

Cotton T-shirt
A basic t-shirt is an absolute summer essential. You can wear it on busy days out or hot days in. They’re versatile and practical. The only problem is the breathable fabrics like cotton often stretches over time. This gives you an oversized fit you could potentially love or hate.

Try out: Uniqlo’s Airism shirts that are perfect for those extra hot days. Plus, they’re quick drying, so you don’t have to worry about sweat marks.

Button down shirt
Just look at every iconic beach photo. You’ll definitely see a button down shirt thrown in there. They’re the perfect throw on cover up when you go to the beach. Unfortunately, they also tend to acquire holes when you wear them out on adventures.

Try out: SM’s summer essentials catalogue. They have a variety of button down pieces that can go from plain to colorfully printed.

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