These Are The Perfect Podcasts According To Your Lifestyle

These Are The Perfect Podcasts According To Your Lifestyle


Whether you tune in to kickstart your day or background your daily recreations, here are podcast recommendations to listen to according to your lifestyle.

With over 750,000 active podcasts, there should be perfect one depending on what interests you best. After all, it should be what you love listening to. Both relatable and informative, according Nielsen Podcasting, podcast listeners are said to be more active users of social media, and that has increased an awareness in brands and a broad scope of topics and cerebral concepts.

Career-driven Podcast


Get inspired with a dose of success talks if you tune in to motivational and career-driven podcasts. Vanessa Hong will move you as she leads Asian excellence on her very first season. Featured in her podcast are some of the biggest names in Asia, where you can listen to every inspirational and success stories with Vanessa Wants To Know.

Beauty Podcast


It isn’t every time that we get the chance to watch a makeup tutorial or a makeup review, especially since the internet is littered with many similar content. Since podcasts go beyond these limits, there are beauty podcasts that could also feed to your beauty cravings. Tune in to The Glossy Beauty Podcast and The K-Beauty Podcast for minutes to hours of beauty talks.

Sports Podcast


If you’re into sports or athletic talks, The Bill Simmons podcasts feature the biggest sport events and in-depth know-hows. Get a little up close and personal with renowned athletes as you tune in to the podcast.

Music Podcast


Here’s to music-inclined individuals who goes deeper and more personal with songs. Apart from listening to your favorite playlists, listen to Dissect as they tackle the lyrics and context of songs.

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