These Celebrities Nailed Their Looks at the GMA Sparkle Spell

These Celebrities Nailed Their Looks at the GMA Sparkle Spell


From fictional characters to real life icons, these Kapuso stars knew how to channel their inspirations on the dot!

Dressing up for Halloween is what makes this celebration part sweet and part scary. Some take it easy, but others like to challenge themselves to perfect their references. The serious business of planning your Halloween week definitely elevates the experience to another level.

With that said, here are the Kapuso stars who took their Halloween agenda to the next level with their style:

Bianca Umali and Ruru Madrid

The pairing may have come as themselves, but they can also pass off as a modern Cleopatra and Neo from The Matrix.

Miguel Tanfelix and Ysabel Ortega

The pair went back-to-black in serving looks with Miguel’s look as Edward Scissorhands and Ysabel as the Black Swan. Always taking events to the next level, Miguel won for Scariest Costume!

Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos

Real-life couple Gabbi and Khalil did a tribute throwback to the denim on denim look of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake from the 2001 American Music Awards—earning them the Best Dressed Couple award of the night!

Michelle Dee

Winning the Sexiest Costume of the Night award, Michelle truly deserved it for her effortlessly powerful Urduja-inspired constume.

Max Collins

The towering beauty channeled Malibu Barbie with the pink mini dress and blonde hair, of course!

Jasmine Curtis

The actress shared the night with her ever-supportive beau Jeff Ortega as they nailed their Sonny and Cher inspo.

Kylie Padilla 

It’s no surprise that Kylie aced the Mia Wallace look for last night’s event!

Rabiya Mateo

Rabiya as Jasmine is giving the other princesses of the world, the universe rather, a run for their money.

Andrea Torres

The Best Dressed Female aced Ursula’s ensemble complete with the tentacles and the violet skin.

Alden Richards

The actor’s gamer side translated into a Squall Leonhart costume from the video game Final Fantasy VIII.

Xian Lim

A true rider himself, the actor chose a Marvel character fitting for him—Ghost Rider!

Rayver and Rodjun Cruz

The brothers are not just in sync in dancing but also with their looks for last night. Taking reference from DC, Rayver and Rodjun arrived as Riddler and Two-Face, respectively.


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