These Celebrities Wore The Same Gucci Dress Seen On Hannah Locsin

These Celebrities Wore The Same Gucci Dress Seen On Hannah Locsin


Looks like it wasn’t just our November 2020 cover star that was enchanted by the sparkling purple Gucci dress, because other global stars followed suit. 

Hannah Locsin is slowly and surely becoming a household name in the fashion industry as she continues to reach greater heights here and abroad. Apart from countless shoots and walking for fashion shows in Manila, she has already penetrated the international luxury market—especially her stint as a Gucci Girl.

From the psychedelic capsule collection campaign, the Gucci Beauty Mascara L’Obscur campaign, a lookbook, and even e-commerce collaterals, she was personally chosen by Alessandro Michele and the rest of the team. So, when the Italian luxury brand released its Pre-Fall 2020 collection, the Filipina beauty was once more seen, this time wearing look 55—a violet fully sequinned and embroidered long-sleeved gown with a high slit paired with knee-socks and white pumps. 

Hannah Locsin Gucci

You see, apart from the fact that Hannah has this very distinct bowl cut hairstyle, her sparkling ensemble really has a big potential for whoever’s wearing it stand out amongst a sea of other beautiful women. It’s subtle because the silhouette isn’t a voluminous ballgown accented with drama; rather the textures and the well-thought-of cuts of the dress are enough to give it the right amount of flair. Hence, it only came naturally for MEGA to choose this look for its November 2020 cover.

More than that, with the way Hannah gave justice to the brilliance of Alessandro’s vision, it didn’t come as a shock for us to see other global celebrities who wore the same look as Hannah’s. After all, she’s not just a mere model; she’s a model who has the power to influence.

Here are other global celebrities who wore the same dress as Hannah Locsin:

Miley Cyrus In Her Midnight Sky Music Video


Ingrid Garcia Jonsson at the Dasatskisi (Beginning) Premiere

Fan Bing Bing at the Wonderland Magazine’s Launch Party

Liza Wang at the TVB 23rd Anniversary Gala

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