These Celebrity Moms Mark Their First Mother’s Day Celebration

These Celebrity Moms Mark Their First Mother’s Day Celebration


These celebrity moms reflect on their first celebration of motherhood with their precious children in their lives

Last Sunday, we celebrated mothers of all kinds in our lives. To others, the day became more meaningful as it marked the first of the many times that they will be celebrating this occasion with their children. Among those who marked their first mother’s day with their little ones were celebrity moms Iza Calzado, Bianca King, and Jessy Mendiola. 

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Bianca King
Photo: BIANCA KING (via Instagram)

These three mothers have shared their journey on social media, from their pregnancy to taking care of themselves and their children. Of course, they also did not pass on sharing some of their reflections on their own special day as moms. With that, here’s how Iza, Bianca, and Jessy perceive motherhood as they step into the role: 

A mother’s rebirth

During her pregnancy, Jessy Mendiola has opened up several times in her vlogs about the changes she felt in her body. “I don’t feel like myself anymore,” she candidly said in her heart-to-heart conversation with husband Luis Manzano. As someone who has struggled with her health and weight, Jessy shared how the weight gain during pregnancy also affected her perception of herself. Being a mother even started changing her perspective in life. 

Jessy Mendiola
Photo: JESSY MENDIOLA (via Instagram)

Last Sunday, the actress reminded mothers to accept the changes that come with motherhood. “You are human, and sometimes, it’s hard to transition to being how you used to be and being a new mother. Remind yourself that this season is a rebirth of your new life. A beginning of a great journey with your little one. I know it’s harder than it seems but you’ll get there. Take your time to embrace this change,” Jessy wrote in her caption. 

A mom’s reality

Bianca King welcomed motherhood in Australia, where she is currently residing with her husband, Ralph Wintle. Building a home away from her other home here in the Philippines, the actress-businesswoman has used Instagram to share her minimalist approach to living. As a mother, Bianca is managing her new role with much independence, too. Aside from her husband and a couple of family and friends who would visit, it is really just her who looks after her child 24/7. 

Bianca King
Photo: BIANCA KING (via Instagram)

But in her recent post, Bianca realized the importance of asking for help as a mother. She pointed out, “It will make us stronger, but it doesn’t mean we don’t need help. I’ve learned to just say ‘please help me’ to anyone within reach.”

A celebration of life

“Feeling the energy of all the mothers who came before me and those who come after me. What an honor to be given this gift of bringing life to earth,” Iza Calzado wrote on her Instagram post for Mother’s Day. In her celebration of her own journey, the actress also honored the life of her mother who passed away. 

Iza Calzado
Photo: IZA CALZADO (via Instagram)

Holding her child Deia in her arms was a full circle moment for Iza who actually announced the sex of her newborn in a letter to her late mother a few months back. “Pretty soon, I will have my own child. A little Mary Ann, a little Iza. Your dreams and mine coming together for this beautiful blessing,” she wrote to her mom in November last year. Truly, a personal journey of a mother is also honoring the figures who also played this role in her life. 

Featured Image: BIANCA KING, JESSY MENDIOLA, and IZA CALZADO (via Instagram)

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