These Diet Meal Plans Are Both Delicious And Guilt-Free

These Diet Meal Plans Are Both Delicious And Guilt-Free


Who says dieting should be complicated and high-maintenance when you can enjoy flavorsome, nourishing, and varied diet meals from a long-trusted diet delivery service in the country. Whether you’re doing it for weight-loss, weight-gain, or just become a healthier version of yourself, Healthy Foodie Manila guarantees to deliver diets that deliver results.

This is done through a diet counted scientifically by a registered nutritionist and dietician (RND) to ensure that every meal is portion-controlled and calorie-counted. The best part is that you could enjoy all these perks with ease and convenience cause it’s all delivered right at your doorstep.

Forget about cheat days because you might want to stick to four delicious & healthy meals per day for five days a week. Each meal is guaranteed carefully prepared by a great team of professional chefs, and kitchen staff to satisfy your guilt-free cravings. They could even make minimal food modifications to follow dietary restrictions just ask them how.

Healthy Foodie Manila offers two programs to cater to different fitness goals. If you want to lose weight, you can go with their Slim & Fit program where you can choose from four different caloric counts from 1200 to 2000 calories. If you have a more active lifestyle but want to lose fats without muscle wasting, then their Low Carb High Protein (LCHP) program is ideal with choices of 1500 to 2500 calories but could be augmented to 3000 calories.

It’s fine if you’re uncertain on which program to start, Healthy Foodie Manila can give you free nutrition consultation and program plus calorie count recommendation. Simply message them on their social accounts or hotlines to experience a healthy transformation.

For more information on Healthy Foodie Manila, look up their online menu every Tuesday and their delivery areas at their Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

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