These Grazing Tables Made by “Elitists” Should Be at Your Next Event

These Grazing Tables Made by “Elitists” Should Be at Your Next Event


When you don’t have time—or the artistic prowess—to make your own grazing boxes and grazing tables, call this store’s number

Elitism can be unsettling—most of the time. But for couple Francis Fabie and Lalissa Singson, being an “elitist” has built a growing food business that’s gained a loyal following.

Eleatist Kitchen only use quality products from their bread and cheeses to the meat

When lockdown announcements began to fill the airwaves and internet space in 2020, Fabie and Singson turned their grazing-table business into a grazing-boxes venture, “almost literally overnight.” But their purpose remained the same: to be “elitist” in the food they serve, so the quality of their products, and their standards, are of the highest level.

Thus, Eleatist Kitchen was born.

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For Fabie and Singson, grazing tables help create strong, lasting memories for the event

“Our name is a wordplay on ‘elitist’ and ‘eat’—that could mean high preference on food flavors,” says the couple. “For us, food is not just about something that fills the tummy, but it is also a vital element to make lasting impressions and strengthen experiences. Our menu was created to align with our food principles. It goes beyond competition and fad. We believe that if we want to be in the industry for the long haul, we must be irreplaceable and unique. Thus, our creation of our homemade Eleatist products.”

Eleatist’s pre-made grazing boxes make for great giveaways or personal gifts

A gourmet commissary that produces its own dips and chocolates, Eleatist Kitchen has become famous for their Homemade Garlic Cilantro Cream Cheese, Homemade Salted Chocolate Cream, fruit jam, handcrafted chocolate barks, and handcrafted chocolate truffles, to name a few. Their dips and chocolates are also added to their graze boxes and grazing tables.

When then economy began opening up, and stores were allowed to serve their clients face-to-face, Eleatist Kitchen circled back to its original plan of doing grazing tables. This time, they have bigger plans and bigger ideas.

Eleatist’s grazing tables include cold cuts, fresh fruits, crackers and variety of cheese and biscuits
You can hire Eleatist Kitchen for big or small events

They’ve come a long way, says the couple. They’ve supplied graze boxes to big, multinational companies and become partners with some award-winning trade launches. Their products have also seen a lot of weddings, where their boxes are served during wedding cocktail hours to welcome guests at the reception. 

The brand also sell their own dips and chocolates

During the pandemic, the couple fondly recalls that their graze boxes were stars during virtual date nights and remote celebrations.

“We use only the finest charcuterie and cheeses, and we make sure that everything that we serve is fresh,” Fabie and Singson say, emphasizing how “elitist” they can get about their products.

Eleatist Kitchen’s grazing table for an event

They add that, so far, it has been an amazing, unexpected journey: “Each Eleatist Kitchen serving is an adventure.”

For more information, visit their official website.

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