These Influencers are Speaking Up About PCOS

These Influencers are Speaking Up About PCOS


With PCOS Awareness Month just behind us, let’s look back on the content creators and influencers breaking their silence on the subject and sharing their experiences with their viewers

Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS for short, is a very common endocrine disorder that affects the hormone levels of cis-women of reproductive age. This condition creates hormonal imbalances that result in symptoms like acne, weight gain, excess hair growth, and baldness. Besides altering your appearance, PCOS can contribute to long-term problems such as infertility and diabetes.

Because of how common this condition is and how severe the symptoms can get, September was designated as its awareness month. But even with PCOS Awareness Month behind us, conversations about it shouldn’t end, especially when these spaces are held sacred by audiences that need them. If you want to know which local influencers use their platforms to answer questions about PCOS, keep on reading.  

Inka Magnaye

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Not a stranger to conversations about PCOS, Inka Magnaye is one content creator you can turn to for support, as well as information about the condition. Having been transparent for years about her own struggles with PCOS, you can rely on her for open talks about how to get into healthy shape. She even appeared on a podcast episode about it!

Nina Ellaine Dizon


PCOS Update: I was diagnosed with Diabetis and am now on my first dose of Ozempic. Let’s do this! #PCOS #Ozempic

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Another local influencer who’s also transparent about her condition is Nina Ellaine Dizon, the inspiring entrepreneur behind Colourette Cosmetics, Fresh Formula, and Every Body. On top of her regular lifestyle content, we love to follow her TikTok for her healthy discussions about weight loss. Currently, she’s on Ozempic to treat her diabetes, which her endocrinologist identified was linked to her PCOS.

Janina Vela

Janina Vela PCOS
Photo: JANINA VELA (via Instagram)

Opening up about her PCOS diagnosis at 19, Janina Vela is another local influencer who used her platform to raise awareness last September. In her post, she emphasized that many women all over the world suffer from undiagnosed PCOS and pointed to the importance of medical check-ups. For all you know, your irregular periods and weight fluctuations could be due to an underlying condition.

Featured Image: INKA MAGNAYE (via Instagram)

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