These Miss Universe PH Candidates Ascend In Traditionally Male-Dominated Fields

These Miss Universe PH Candidates Ascend In Traditionally Male-Dominated Fields


These Miss Universe Philippines delegates prove that women can be the whoever and whatever they want to be

This year’s candidates of the Miss Universe Philippines are all unique, beautiful, and strong contenders in their own ways. They are all good examples of what driven career women should be. From frontliners, entrepreneurs, creatives, and students, these women prove that a queen can come from anywhere.

We live in a time wherein women are encouraged to take up their rightful places wherever they please—even in male dominated fields. So, here are some Miss Universe Philippine delegates from the Top 50 who show us that it’s possible to unapologetically pursue the unexpected, breaking gender stereotypes with their chosen careers or courses.

Beatrice Luigi Gomez

Beatrice Gomez is one of Cebu’s bets, along with Steffi Aberasturi. This woman has a heart for service and is the embodiment of strength. She is not only a community development worker, but also a proud Philippine Navy Marine Reservist.

Kheshapornam Ramachandran

One of Khesha’s advocacies is to stand for female athletes who are inevitably judged and stereotyped because for their chosen sports. This pride of Iloilo is the center guard in her women’s basketball team that represented Western Visayas at Palarong Pambansa. This is not the only thing she does that raises eyebrows, because she’s also an Aircraft Maintenance Technology student where she’s the only female in the class.

Angelica Evora

Angelica Evora comes from a family of strong women. Following in the footsteps of her hero—her mom—she is an aspiring police woman and is now a 3rd year Criminology student.


Victoria Velasquez Vincent

She may be soft spoken and a woman who exudes a calm demeanor, but Victoria is not only a combination of beauty and brains, but is an active pursuer of dreams, an achiever, and a professional multitasker. She’s a graduate of double masters in Heritage Conservation and Architecture, which is a field that is still considered a male-dominated profession.

Afia Yeboah

Cristiana Afia Yeboah of Valenzuela City, is currently a licensed geodetic engineer, which is considered a male dominant profession. As a geodetic engineer, she develops offshore and onshore wind farms in the country.


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