These Online Shops Are Where You Can Get Curated Vintage Pieces From

These Online Shops Are Where You Can Get Curated Vintage Pieces From


Have you ever noticed how a vintage piece can elevate your collection, style or the corners of your home? If you’ve been wondering where to score these unique classics, here are the online shops you can check right away. 

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Items that were made in the 1920s or later are the ones labelled as vintage. Growing their worth through time, these vintage classics are more valuable than we think and adding these to some parts of our space brings in nostalgia. At times, what we thought was trash could actually be a treasure, just like these antique collectibles that may no longer be working, but can still pass as a decoration. However, the term retro paved way to those neoteric vintage-style items that can still make it to the list. Whether you want to go for sustainable option or ignite the inner retrophiliac and paleophile in you, we listed below some vintage shops from furniture to cameras that you can shop online.


vintage shops
Photo from @alabaster.deco on Instagram

From leather couches, sturdy tables to almost anything that could amp up your homes or office space, Alabaster has well-curated vintage items that instantly brings a mediterranean vibe. They also got tablewares for your minimalist kitchen.

Mamaeson Vintage

Photo from @mamaesonvintage on Instagram

Giving you ideas on redesigning our homes to ancient setting like how indoor plants complement heavy woods, Mamæson can turn some boring spots of your living room into something Instagram-worthy. Finding where to stack your old books? These sturdy tables and chairs are indeed a perfect place for it.

Kassa by Karen Santos

vintage shops
Photo from @kassabykarensantos on Instagram

Who says vintages are just sepias and black and whites? Looking into these unique pieces from Kassa, your antique setup can be filled with vibrant colors, too—like how a royal blue couch can accentuate your gold tabletops and how green ceramic lamps are adding resonance to glass counter tables.


Photo from on Instagram

Whether to accentuate your bag straps, tie your hair, or simply keep it with you for personal use, these curated handkerchiefs from your favorite luxury brands are becoming a style staple. From the likes of Christian Dior to Valentino, you’ll get obsessed in collecting these hankies.

Vagabond Vintage Ph

Photo from @vagabondvintageph on Instagram

Ever wondered how old jewelries from our grandparents can add more sentiment? These vintage jewelries from Vagabond Vintage are giving that exact feeling. With pieces from 1930s to late 1990s. their jewelries are repurposed, repaired, and re-plated.

Mi Hermana

vintage shops
Photo from on Instagram

Inspired by a meaningful story of siblings who were handed down jewelries from their grandmother, Mi Hermana is “an ode to the past but also a nod to the present.” These refurbished and curated jewelry pieces have withstood the test of time and still evoke sophistication.

Patina Philippines

Photo from @patinaphilippines on Instagram

Owning a vintage watch that’s still in good condition up to date is one good investment. Apart from it depreciates slower than other vintage items, each of these timepieces were created uniquely. Whether slim or chunky vintage watches, Patine has bagged history and significant stories for its new owner.

Soviet Camera Store

vintage shops
Photo from Soviet Camera Store

Based both locally and in Ukraine, Soviet Camera sells a range of vintage film camera, lenses, and accessories at a very reasonable price. If you’re planning to experiment with your home photoshoots, these vintage gadgets are delicately wrapped and delivered right at your doorstep.

Film Folk

Photo from @filmfolk_ on Instagram

For any kinds of photography needs using your film cameras, Film Folk has a lot of films to choose from. Develop your memories using reusable and disposable camera that are available on their online store as well.

Manila Vintage Primes

vintage shops
Photo from Manila Vintage Primes on Facebook

Turn your photography and filmography game into the next level using vintage cameras that are processing quality photos. Manila Vintage Primes houses your unique and rare camera finds, stated in honest conditions, which you can order online.

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