These Workout Routines Will Empower Your 2020 Fitness Journey

These Workout Routines Will Empower Your 2020 Fitness Journey


Looks like the maintaining a healthy well-being continues, but will it be more out of the gym this 2020? 

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Christmas and New Year had us wolfing down on all things delicious and well, quite sinful for people who follow a not-so strict diet. With all of these taking a toll on our body, from feeling bloated to the inevitable weight gain, there’s no need to file for regret, after all, it was the season for indulgence. Instead, take the time and effort to break down the irresistible carbs, burn the calories away, and finally, get back into shape. After all, it’s welcoming a new year, new you, and what could be a better version of yourself than being in a state of good health?

From Pilates to spinning classes, some of the 2019 fitness trends targeted on toning the body, improving posture, body alignment, and most importantly, self-focus. Trying out these sweat session proves that there’s no belittling these low impact exercises, because it’s as hard as those high intensity cardio workouts. However, with the advent of the new year comes a premise of switching things up and trying out new things, sparing no effort in the process. Whether you’re planning to renew your workout routine or getting into fitness for the very first time in a long time, check out these fitness trends that are making big this 2020.

Home Workout

While a lot of busy individuals still can’t allot some time to head to the gym, home workouts are gaining much more momentum this 2020. With YouTube channels focused on fitness, as well as other online platforms, working out can be a few clicks and taps away. Either you invest on fitness equipment at home or be resourceful enough to make use of what’s already there, you can progress with a simple fitness journey right at the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. No musky gym smell or a deluge of people flocking at a certain machine here, just you, your space, and your goals in place.

Fitness In-Motion

Photo from FitOn

Many would say they want to go to the gym, but with a very hectic schedule, they no longer have time for that. And need we mention how traffic can factor into this, too? In times like these, being economical with time is of utmost consideration. Swipe through your mobile phones and make use of tracker apps to keep yourself reminded of how active you were every single day (for example—how much steps you took a day) and how it’s slowly benefiting your road to a fitter lifestyle. You can also level things up by downloading fitness apps that give you specific programs to follow whether you like to train coach-free or at home.

Try getting Map My Fitness by Under Armour, Zova, FitOn, and Sweat on Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Rowing Classes

Photo from @saddlerowph on Instagram

More and more places in the metro are specializing in rowing classes, yet it’s not yet fully getting on our radar. Let’s skip the abs for the meantime, because 2020 is going to be a year centered on wellness. Highly different from Pilates, combining dynamic Pilates and rowing can really be essential to achieving a slimmer physique. Rowing is perfect to tone muscles while enhancing stamina and strength.

You can visit Saddle Row in Power Plant Mall and Central Square, BGC to get started in rowing classes.

HIIT Science-Backed Workout

Photo from @baremanila on Instagram

Opting for a more efficient workout is the key and this high-intensity interval training can change the shape of your body with just one session in a week. If you think you’ve been burning enough calories in your previous workouts, you have to think twice because this BLACK’s HIIT workout is proven to give evident results. Within its 55-minute killer workout, it encompasses party vibe, muscle focus, and custom treadmills.

Visit Bare Manila at 2/L of 8 Forbestown Road, Forbestown Center, BGC.

Cardio Beat

Music is always important to working out, but it usually is something that soundtracks the session. This year, it’s all about anchoring the fitness routine on music as you proceed with a full body cardiovascular exercise and workout while having fun in the process. Mostly done in groups, cardio beat workout makes exercising easier and enjoyable as it injects more hype and excitement to typical reps.



Here’s a disclaimer: the use of free-weights won’t instantly slim your body down. However, if paired with squats, dead lifts, lunges, dips, and more, the use of dumbbells, kettle bells, and barbells can be vital in muscle-building—strengthening biceps and toning arms. A lot of workouts have been making use of these classic equipment since time immemorial, but this, there is more mindfulness set to individual fitness tracks.

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