These Y2K Icons are Back With a Vengeance

These Y2K Icons are Back With a Vengeance


Paris Hilton, Selma Blair, and Jessica Stam—iconic personalities and celebrities of the y2k era are the faces of Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2023 campaign

The trends from the early 2000s have been on the fashion scene since 2021, and it looks like there’s no stopping anytime soon. From low-rise jeans and wrap-around sunglasses to beauty and hair fads like the brown lined lips and short bobs—we’re seeing more past trends coming back to life, and even Marc Jacobs has joined in on the trend. 

While fashion houses had supermodels from the late 90s to the early years of 2000s walk down the runway in their recent shows, Marc Jacobs took a different direction as he gathered iconic y2k personalities to be the face of the Stam Bag campaign.

Selma Blair for Marc Jacobs y2k Stam Bag campaign

In 2005, Marc Jacobs introduced a new handbag on the runway that was named after Jessica Stam, one of the top models during that time. The Stam was created with such distinct style elements with its quilted leather, striking hardware, and unique structure. 

Jessica Stam for Marc Jacobs y2k Stam Bag campaign

And now, in 2023, iconic celebrities from the past graced the recent Marc Jacobs Spring campaign that displayed two quilted bags. Looking chic and edgy while holding her Stam Bag in black, Jessica Stam was also dressed in an embellished top and a pair of white gloves as she posed for the camera. Paris Hilton was styled with denim coordinates colored in her staple pink in a pastel shade and a white Stam bag can be seen dangling from her arm. Meanwhile, singer Ashlee Simpson was donned in an all black ensemble and platform heels—a stark contrast to the white Stam Bag. 

Ashlee Simpson for Marc Jacobs y2k Stam Bag campaign

The Quilted Leather J shoulder bag also made an appearance at the campaign—a dainty alternative to the Stam Bag. Actress and singer Ashanti was styled in a black knitted piece while holding the peach-toned leather bag. And for those who keep rewatching Legally Blonde and Cruel Intentions, actress Selma Blair joined the campaign with her tousled blond hair while the white quilted bag dangled above her head. 

Ashanti for Marc Jacobs y2k Stam Bag campaign

Revisiting old fads and bringing back the icons of the 2000s? We’re definitely not complaining, and it’s safe to say that we’re waiting for more comebacks from the y2k era. 

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