This Experience With Mavy Legaspi Is Every Fangirl’s Dream

This Experience With Mavy Legaspi Is Every Fangirl’s Dream


Mavy took his fangirl out on a special “date” to show his gratefulness for the solid support all these years.

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It’s every fan’s dream to meet their idols, but it’s actually another thing to share a conversation with them and appreciate who they are as people and not just as celebrities. Imagine just reading about them in magazines and watching them on screens. Then next thing you know, they are real and even driving you around! What a fan fiction coming to reality!

Luckily for Afreka Superio, she need not pinch herself anymore—it actually happened!

The nineteen-year-old has always been a fan of the Legaspi family, but living in Iloilo made it hard for her to come to shows to see them in person. But when she visited Manila earlier this month, she was in for a surprise—Mavy Legaspi actually drove to see her!

According to Afreka’s interview with GMA Online, Mavy personally delivered a magazine that she asked Zoren Legaspi to sign back in 2019 during a bike event. Seeing that she was in Manila, Afreka decided to message the older Legazpi with the hopes of getting the magazine back. Lo and behold, the signed magazine was just a bonus!

Mavy’s handler commented that the young celebrity is actually very appreciative of all his fans. “Kasi kung may mga tapings for example na pwede yung mga fans, after nun kikitain niya talaga. I-me-meet niya talaga para at least kahit papano magpasalamat lang, ipakita lang na na-appreciate niya yung support na ginagawa ng mga fans niya,” she said.

“It feels like I’m building castles in the air,” Afreka wrote. Lucky for her, her pipe dream has turned into something real!

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