This Filipino Designer Makes Kim Chiu’s Officewear for Secretary Kim Look Youthful

This Filipino Designer Makes Kim Chiu’s Officewear for Secretary Kim Look Youthful


Kim Chiu’s Secretary Kim is winning the hearts of the nation, and she’s doing it in custom, detailed suits by designer Jot Losa

It’s not surprising that the local adaption of the beloved Korean drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? is delivering everything the fans love about romance, comedy, and more. The “Princess of Philippine TV and Film” has proven her caliber and impressive versatility as an actress, television host, and all-around performer. Right now, Kim is dominating the local television scene in her suits as the ever-efficient secretary of Paulo Avelino’s Vice Chairman Brandon Castillo “BMC”. Dressing the part isn’t as tricky as it seems when it’s designer Jot Losa adding the particular distinct ‘Secretary Kim’ touch.

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Creating the Look

“We aimed to create a blend of corporate and tailored aesthetics infused with trendiness, youthfulness, and a sense of fun for Kim Chiu’s portrayal of Secretary Kim,” Jot Losa says in an exclusive interview with MEGA. In true Jot Losa fashion, the designer weaves together sophistication and creativity into Kim’s looks, further cementing his impact in the fashion and entertainment scene.

Kim Chiu is rediscovering and having fun with her rom-com side for the series

While Park Min-Young’s Secretary Kim is all prim and proper and Kim Chiu’s portrayal on-screen emanates that exact picture of business, the designer takes this a step further by tapping into Kim’s fun-loving and vibrant personality off-camera. “We didn’t draw direct inspiration from the Korean Secretary Kim’s outfits,” he shares. “Instead, we approached the design process with our own unique vision and interpretation, crafting the outfits to suit the character and storyline independently of the original K-drama.” Just so, as the Philippine adaptation also adds more Filipino touches and culture.

Kim Chiu and Paulo Avelino embody the well-loved cheerful Secretary Kim and brooding Vice Chairman

While Kim is all about, “Copy po!” when it comes to the Vice Chairman, she is also in charge when it comes to her looks—putting herself in the shoes of her character. “We engaged in extensive discussions where she shared her preferences and vision for the character’s appearance,” the designer tells MEGA. Together, we meticulously planned every aspect, including silhouette, fabric selection, and embellishments, ensuring that her looks resonated with her character while also aligning with our design aesthetic.”

It’s not far-fetched to say that Kim puts her hundred percent into the characters she plays. On-screen, the actress puts on the show, truly embracing her performance of Secretary Kim as her own. Acting and dressing and thinking the part—that’s the image of a star who truly loves and enjoys her work. With Jot, Secretary Kim truly comes to life.

It’s all in the details

All three of Kim’s ensembles are co-ord sets, which was a deliberate and intentional choice. Every detail is carefully-thought of and chosen to add depth, character, and visual interest. “The co-ords set was selected to provide versatility and ease of styling for Kim’s wardrobe,” Jot says. “By choosing matching separates, we ensured a cohesive and polished look while allowing for mix-and-match possibilities. This approach streamlines Kim’s wardrobe, reflecting her character’s practicality and modern sensibilities while also offering flexibility in styling for various events throughout the promotion.”

In Kim’s pink suit, referencing the Korean Secretary Kim’s sift of pastels throughout her work wardrobe, the designer shares that the heart buttons were a “playful embellishment that reflects Kim’s romantic nature; it infuses a sense of whimsy and femininity and adds a touch of charm to her ensemble.”

As seen on Kim Chiu, adding a pop of color to your daily work outfits can make it look modern

Meanwhile, on Kim’s light seafoam suit with crystals decorating her collar and pocket, Jot says the intention was to enhance its elegance and sophistication. “Pearls symbolize refinement and grace, while crystals add sparkle and glamor, aligning with Kim’s polished persona and enhancing her overall allure.”

Kim is the picture of the dedicated secretary in a light seafoam co-ord set

Last Sunday, the ‘KimPau’ fans were also invited to an exclusive watch party of the adaptation’s first two episodes. Kim graced the event in a custom Jot Losa matching set in pink with roses stitched onto the top’s fabric. “They were chosen to evoke a sense of celebration and romance,” the designer reveals. “They symbolize love, joy, and beauty, capturing the essence of the special occasion and adding a romantic flair to Kim’s ensemble, reflecting her character’s romantic aspirations.”

The ‘KimPau’ team showcases their sizzling chemistry in the rom-com genre

Watch What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim now on VIU.

Photos and Featured Image: KIM CHIU, DREAMSCAPE PH, VIU PHILIPPINES (Via Instagram)

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