This is How Nadine Lustre, Camille Co, and Kim Jones Wear Abstract Fashion

This is How Nadine Lustre, Camille Co, and Kim Jones Wear Abstract Fashion


Discover how abstract fashion can set you apart from the crowd and leave everyone around you in awe, inspired by Camille Co, Kim Jones, and Nadine Lustre

When the aim is to command attention and evoke a sense of fascination, can there be any doubt that anything abstract take center stage as a performance of personal style? Abstract artistry, in the form of daring and intriguing silhouettes, can elevate fashion heights to award contenders. But balance is key; otherwise, the accolade you might receive is more likely to resemble a Raspberry than an Oscar.

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Kim Jones margiela balenciaga MEGA
Kim Jones puts on a white sheer dress with black cutouts by Maison Margiela paired with vibrant violet boots by Balenciaga

Abstract fashion is not for the faint-hearted. They boldly declare one’s unique style, demonstrating the wearer’s fearless attitude. It plays with colors, shapes, forms, or textures, basically illustrative and almost immersive, taking inspiration from the abstract art movement. Just as an abstract artwork by Jackson Pollock splatters the canvas with unrestrained creativity or Wassily Kandinsky’s bold compositions defy norms, these pieces challenge conventional fashion with their audacious spirit. Just take a look at Camille Co, Kim Jones, and Nadine Lustre.

Camille Co

With Camille, she transforms what might seem chaotic to others into harmonious and eye-catching artwork. Her ensembles read like an ideational poem. Her ability to combine prints, colors, and textures demonstrates an innate understanding of the interplay between seemingly disparate elements.

Camille Co Fendi MEGA
Camille Co wears a feathery top and a multilayered denim skirt both by Fendi

Her fearless approach to mixing pieces, colors, and silhouettes is a lesson in audacity and an invitation to take risks. It demonstrates that abstract fashion isn’t merely about the clothes you wear, but the stories you tell through them.

Kim Jones

With Kim, it’s not always about creating a stir with frilly prints, but also the art of subtlety and the allure of a well-composed ensemble. She adeptly blends abstract fashion with a poised demeanor, creating looks that are not only visually appealing, but also refined. What sets her apart is her keen appreciation for the impact of subtlety. Her outfits don’t scream for attention; instead, they quietly draw the eye with their thoughtfully designed details.

abstract print fashion Kim Jones toni maticevski MEGA
Kim Jones wears an animated orange textured coat dress by Toni Maticevski

Her journey in fashion reminds us that you can command attention and inspire admiration with the quiet sophistication of abstract patterns. With every ensemble, she encourages us to embrace the eccentric with poise, equilibrium, and a touch of understated charm. 

Nadine Lustre

With Nadine, it’s all about wholeheartedly embracing the unconventional and making a lasting impact in the fashion world. Her outfits embrace asymmetry, irregular layering, and eclectic accessories with a sense of ease.

Nadine Lustre wears a playful blazer and skirt combination by AESAVANT

Her looks are a refreshing departure from the expected and a spirited embrace of the unexpected. She merges street-style aesthetics with abstract fashion, forging looks that are edgy and eclectic. Her fashion choices exemplify unusually cool with a blend of styles that push the boundaries of what is considered mainstream.

abstract print fashion Camille Co acne studios gcds MEGA
Camille Co with a multicolored sweater by Acne Studios and pink shredded denim skirt by GCDS

Abstract fashion is a bold proclamation of your individuality. It’s an invitation for people to see you as a walking piece of art, to be intrigued and captivated by the visual feast you present. Your fashion and style are your partners-in-crime, and look no further than Camille Co, Kim Jones, and Nadine Lustre for inspiration. Your wardrobe is the starring role, and you are its director.

Photos: NADINE LUSTRE, CAMILLE CO, and KIM JONES (via Instagram)

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