This Is Not A Drill: BL Series Gaya Sa Pelikula Drops On Netflix Today

This Is Not A Drill: BL Series Gaya Sa Pelikula Drops On Netflix Today


We’re all set to get kilig once more as we watch another BL series that will surely captivate our hearts and make us cry (again).

From Thailand, Taiwan, to the Philippines, the BL series has become a popular genre in producing stories, especially with the rise of the web series trend. And thanks to the hit series, 2gether, starring Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin, the country has instantly become a BL nation.

With countless Filipinos craving for more, it was only a matter of time for local producers to finally create their own version of BL. And the latest installation is none other than Gaya Sa Pelikula, a rom-com show created and written by Juan Miguel Severo starring Ian Pangilinan and Paolo Pangilinan.

Gaya sa Pelikula BL

“I’m so happy that GSP will soon be on Netflix and that the series can now find new viewers through the service. As someone who binges Netflix shows, it means so much to me just to see our title on that iconic interface,” the creator says.

The show follows 19-year-old architecture student Karl, who moves into his uncle’s condominium unit and takes on jobs online to pay the rent. There, he meets Vlad, a film student who’s on the run from his own family. The two become housemates, turn into friends, and beyond that—as they struggle to understand each other and themselves.

And as Gaya Sa Pelikula is now available on Netflix, the love team collectively known as “PangPang” expressed their excitement. “I am incredibly grateful for this milestone thanks to Netflix. May this be one of many Filipino queer stories on this service. Padayon!” Paolo exclaimed. On the other hand, Ian shared how he only used to daydream about it, “but now it’s a reality! We’re on Netfliiiix!!!!”

The Pinoy BL series is now available on Netflix across Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

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