This is Only the Beginning: Ellis Co Proves to be Unmatched With the Launch of ARCHIVES

This is Only the Beginning: Ellis Co Proves to be Unmatched With the Launch of ARCHIVES


To release literally anything in this day and age, one must go with a bang—and Ellis Co did not disappoint

Let’s face it—not a lot of people expect so much from a 21-year old. Normally, they would still be finishing their final year in college, or maybe even be on the hunt for their first job in the real world. But what people don’t know is that the younger generation has so much skill, passion, and creativity up their sleeves that each one has a lot to offer. Ellis Co is a prime example of one of this generation’s up-and-coming creatives to watch out for as he now delved into the world of fashion with the launch of ARCHIVES, his very own clothing line.

Go big or go home

When it comes to making something new, it’s a given that you go all out. Besides, what’s the point if you won’t push boundaries and get everyone sitting on the edge of their seats if you’re just going to be sticking to the status quo? For ARCHIVES founder Ellis Co, he reached unthinkable heights to launch his latest venture.

Dubbed as “Memoirs of the Future,” the fashion presentation held in Makati City last July began with the guests undergoing a gastronomic journey with culinary works by none other than Chef Margarita Fores. This was immediately followed by an entry to a dystopian world as the entire production was surrounded by grey angular structures juxtaposed with lush greens hanging from the ceiling and scattered around different corners of the venue.

To officially start the fashion show produced by AMRG, Manila String Machine set the mood by performing Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons, Concerto No. 2, ‘Summer’ III. Presto” before the first round of models came strutting down the runway. Throughout the show, the string musicians even played melodies that accompanied the contemporary beats of music produced by Ellis Co himself.

Welcome to the black parade

Guests got a glimpse of the future of fashion as a total of 44 looks were showcased, starting with a round of outfits covered in black from head to toe. But what caught everybody’s eye was the unconventional proportions of the outerwear that was reimagined to oversized pieces with obi belts and curved cut lapels—Ellis Co’s signature touch. Some looks were also styled to the nines with the addition of boxing gloves and headgear, which is a nod to one of the designer’s background in boxing.

To bring more light to the fashion presentation, the dark and gloomy display was broken down with a white ensemble and a larger-than-life hat before breathtaking designs in neutrals like shades of grey and brown stepped on the runway, which eventually led to the show’s official close.

From start to finish, Ellis Co’s creative direction and overall vision were met to the highest degree possible, which simply goes to show that age doesn’t matter when dreams, passion, and determination to make a name for oneself are involved.

To know more about how Ellis Co went out with a bang for the launch of ARCHIVES, follow the brand’s official Instagram page.

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