This Is The Best Way To Look Younger And Uplift Your Skin After Quarantine

This Is The Best Way To Look Younger And Uplift Your Skin After Quarantine


After being swamped by so many stressors in the midst of living in quarantine, we found the best way on how to look younger without invasive surgery and breaking the bank.

We’ve always heard our family and peers telling us to take care of ourselves, especially this year. Because of how the pandemic greatly altered our way of life—from career, relationships, and even self-care—many of us know how challenging it is to navigate through the new normal. Amidst all the adversities we’ve encountered, we can’t deny the fact the great amount of stress it caused us.

So, as we try to get back up, people started prioritizing themselves to uplift their moods. Apart from online retail therapy, following a daily skincare routine has been our other new effort that’s been therapeutic. But while we’ve done everything we could to feel good about ourselves, it just seems stress is still affecting our skin. According to Arizona Dermatology, there’s a connection between stress and skin conditions, that causes stress-induced breakouts, redness, rashes, and even dryness. And let’s admit it—it’s definitely not a good sign for our upcoming virtual Christmas Zoom parties.

How to Look younger Avignon

Thankfully, after being temporarily closed during the lockdown, beauty and aesthetics centers are back and in full swing once again. In fact, Avignon Clinic is one of the first few facilities that immediately opened its doors after making sure to follow all the necessary safety protocols needed. “The patients are gradually coming back to us and we have a lot of new patients, and they like our very stringent safety protocol which starts at home via a web form that you need to complete,” Avignon’s Chief Marketing Officer Christopher Cachuela explains to MEGA. “Once you get in the clinic, the real sanitation procedure starts, rapid tests, temperature checks, anti-bacterial and anti-virus misting, and PPE from head to foot are provided at no extra cost.” More than that, they also made sure that the rooms are installed with negative pressure fans to suck out air and there are also vacuum aerosols. UV light sterilization is done every after the patient procedure and we invested in 8 stage air purifiers.”

Home Away From Home

While countless Filipinos are still afraid to go out beyond the four corners of their homes, it’s surprising that we’re seeing a lot of patients coming in to get treatments in Avignon. But that’s because apart from the stringent safety procedures assured to everyone entering the clinic’s premises, they made it a point to always make patients feel like they’re in their second home. There is a filial atmosphere where one can truly relax and take the much-needed break from the daily rigamarole. 

Avignon Founders: CEO and President Benedict Sy and Chief Marketing Officer Christopher Cachuela

The thing about Avignon is it was established to make world-class machines and products to be accessible to Filipinos. “We often hear that the best way to put up a business is to identify a pain point or a gap then think of a product or service that will fill that void,” Christopher shares. “But it took us 10 long years to identify the right energy-based devices suitable for the Philippine market. We hunted for products that actually work on the Filipino skin type and a working model that will satisfy our passion at the same time create jobs.”


In doing so, Filipinos don’t need to travel abroad just to experience the latest in aesthetic technology, because they already brought it closer to home. This is also why Christopher sought to name it as Avignon. It’s a beautiful city in the South of France which is equally elegant, historical and breathtaking as Paris. But the major difference? “The cost of living and a relaxed atmosphere where everyone seems to know everyone. It’s almost like a closely-knit family,” the young co-founder of the clinic explains. “That is what Avignon offers; that is what Avignon Clinic puts on the table.

Fountain of Youth

While we easily don’t notice the changes in our physique and body, it’s always best to prevent than find a solution. And this speaks volumes when it comes to our skin because when it’s already been damaged it’s harder to restore it. So, it’s imperative to start early in investing for a younger-looking skin, which can be achieved with the right skincare products, a healthy lifestyle, and in-clinic treatments.

“The best way to prevent aging is photoprotection. Wear a broad-spectrum (at least SPF 30) sunscreen every day even when you’re indoors,” Christopher suggests. “A more essential skincare product would be a moisturizer. Drier skin looks and feels older. If your skin is well hydrated, skin cell turnover is enhanced wherein essentially, you shed the old, dead skin cells and these are replaced with healthy, baby skin cells.

CEO and President Benedict Sy

Although this may be, there are times such efforts aren’t enough that’s why in-clinic treatments are also done—the best-kept secret of many celebrities. But this doesn’t mean that need to undergo invasive surgery. Since Avignon has successfully brought the latest technologies in the aesthetics industry here in the Philippines, non-invasive cosmetic procedures are more accessible. After all, we also need extra help from doctors every so often.

To help you get back on the right track without any downtime, we highly suggest getting the Avignon Ulthera Ultimate Lift, one of the most requested and sought-after treatments that you will see in the clinic. This is a great way to tighten and lift tired skin, which is perfect for the lady bosses who are busy with their bustling careers.

Avignon Chief Marketing Officer Christopher Cachuela

Silkpeel Acne Clarifying Facial is definitely in demand after being in quarantine, too. It provides deep cleansing, exfoliation, and infusion of anti-acne serums. This treatment is able to address the so-called maskne that a lot of us admittedly suffer from.

And since all gym facilities were also forced to close momentarily, kickstart your fitness journey with the Emsculpt Abdomen. This is a quick “lunchtime procedure,” which helps burn the belly fat and tone the abdominal muscles, which is undoubtedly great to get back the pre-quarantine waistline.

Finally, our last recommended treatment is the Avignon Thermage FLX which helps with skin tightening. Plus, let’s face it: the frequent zoom meetings and video conferences have put so much premium on how we look on webcams, and the tendency about cameras is that it somehow makes us look 10 pounds more onscreen. With this said, Christopher noticed that there has been a spike in such treatment probably because of the unprecedented influx of online meetings.

Brighter Skin; Brighter Future

Even if we are at the forefront of a global economic recession, Avignon believes that they could power through this modern-day obstacle. “To be honest, the aesthetic space was badly hit. We have friends in the industry who will no longer resurrect even if the economy reopens. But as cliché as it may sound, there is a silver lining, we see a huge opportunity,” Christopher says. “A service that makes people feel good will always be in. It not just about beautification anymore. Patients are getting treatments because they wanted to feel good about themselves because it is good for their mental well-being. Being locked down for a few months has taken a toll on our appearance. Even if we are just at home protected from the sun, the anxiety and worries have manifested on how we look.”

As Avignon continues to provide world-class energy-based devices and products closer to home, it has been part of their mission to constantly innovate and improve on the services they would offer—whether it’s a new machine, a new protocol, or a new product. Regardless if it’s the best of the best, they would remain to offer such services using the same authentic machine, manned by expert doctors and specialists at almost 30 to 40 percent more affordable.

“In the future, we plan to fully tap the internet of things and streamline it with our patient journey. Assessments will be aided with AI, digitized and secured handling of patient information and touchless payment and deliveries are some of the future plans. This entails huge investment though but all of these will be part of our accelerated digital transformation,” Christopher admits. But amongst all their future endeavors, their goal along with other clinics is for the Philippines to be a leading destination for medical aesthetic tourism. 

“We still have a lot of catching up with Korea, Thailand, and India. But honestly speaking, with proper marketing and push from different agencies, we can easily be where we wanted to be,” he says. So, as they make each Filipino look good and confident about themselves with a younger and brighter looking skin, we may well assume that the beauty and aesthetics industry could have an even brighter future.

Avignon Clinic is located in 58 Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, Quezon City and 101 Ground Floor, Fort Victoria cor. 4th Avenue and 23rd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Follow Avignon on Instagram @avignonclinic for more information and updates.

Photography DOOKIE DUCAY

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