This Is The Chain Necklace Julia Baretto Wore For Her ABG Transformation

This Is The Chain Necklace Julia Baretto Wore For Her ABG Transformation


Julia’s statement jewelry of choice for her ABG Transformation is a gold chain necklace. Find out where she got it from.

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ABG Transformation videos have been populating the internet since the term was coined in 2017. The first known appearance of the word ABG was seen in the Facebook group, Subtle Asian Dating (S.A.D.), where Asians of all over the world share their dating stories. Technically, the term ABG is an acronym for Asian Baby Girl. Although, the title sounds a bit derogatory, the meaning behind is actually the opposite. The Asian Baby Girl movement in it’s entirety leads the counter-culture against the submissive Asian stereotype. It’s a way for Asian-Americans, Asian-Australians, and the likes to defy the stereotypes imposed on them by the country they currently live in. So, now we have a better understanding on why ABGs opt to don their tattoos, colored hair, streetwear clothing, and overall coolness.

When Julia Baretto saw these ABG traits, she automatically found herself attracted to the whole idea of it. On her video, she shared how she watched multiple clips on the empowering Asian transformation. Naturally, she found herself trying out the look herself for her Just Julia vlog. The video was mostly a process on how she did her makeup, where she suddenly transforms her whole look at the end. All in all, it was a fun video, but it did leave us with one question on our minds: Where did she get her ABG outfit? Well, after a bit of digging we were able to track down where she got her statement accessory from.

The Look
In the last 10 seconds of the video, Julia shows off an array of tattoos from Tattumundo, while wearing a slinky body con dress with a chunky chain necklace from Trinkets. This further solidifies the ABG image she was working to portray for the video. The overall look was so far away from Julia’s aesthetic that it shook the internet to the core.

The Chain Necklace
One of the main pieces that truly shined in her transformation was her chunky chain necklace from Trinkets. The chain necklace is an essential part of the transformation, because most ABGs are seen wearing one. But, why so? Typically, loud chunky jewelry is seen as an edgy statement piece, as compared to dainty necklaces. Thus, it further solidifies the core belief of the Asian Baby Girl movement: countering the soft spoken Asian stereotype. Plus, we could see how wearing loud pieces of jewelry could become an empowering act.

Before the video, Julia is normally seen wearing dainty pieces. Not long after the video was posted, she started slowly incorporating louder accessories in her wardrobe– a total girl power move. This perfectly aligns with the brand of her chains, Trinkets. The brand’s slogan is “Flaunt Your Own Sparkle” – be yourself, embrace your uniqueness and be proud of it. According to the brand’s ethos, Trinkets are here simply to accentuate your own unique look, which is what Julia did.

The necklace that started it all for her is the Jules chain necklace from Trinkets, a local jeweler that specializes in custom solid gold, natural diamonds and birthstone jewelries. The brand, Trinkets, is founded and managed by Justinne Natividad who believes in empowering women by boosting their self confidence through jewelry. “Trinkets first started as an accessory brand that curates pieces that stand for each and every woman’s personality and style. We give utmost importance to self-love, confidence and accessibility for all,” says Justine.

Styled by STEPH APARICI; Hair and makeup by DEARRA MAE TACSUAN; and Photography by J’S PHOTOSHOOT

Apparently, the Jules is one of the store’s best-selling pieces. It’s been found on numerous celebrities, such as Nadine Lustre, Laureen Uy, Gabbi Garcia, and more. In more ways than one, each celebrity was able to style their chain necklace in their own personal way. Thus, you could see the versatility and power that comes from going big with your jewelry– just as Julia did.

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