This is the Gen Z Way of Diva Dressing As Seen on Irene Tiu

This is the Gen Z Way of Diva Dressing As Seen on Irene Tiu


Wondering how you can embody the diva in you? Here’s how you can manifest that by making Maris Racal’s character, Irene Tiu from Can’t Buy Me Love, your style inspiration

Whether you became a fan before the series or you got hooked because of her TikTok content, you can’t deny the fact that it’s easy to love Maris Racal. Although, the attention on her has doubled because of her character Irene Tui in the romantic drama series Can’t Buy Me Love, where she plays a rather polarizing diva. S

Since we’re in the era of recreating the fashion of these so-called divas on screen, here’s a guide on how you can dress up like Irene Tiu. 

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Embrace the attention

If there’s one thing for sure with dressing diva is a that you have to own it with confidence. Take this all pink ensemble Maris had on during one of the episode. It’s flashy and over-the-top, so you definitely won’t miss her if she walks past you. You can opt to wear a monochromatic outfit, or feel free to mix and match some pieces, just make sure you don’t shy away from the attention. 

Cop the look by opting to wear a monochromatic set for a foolproof diva moment

Be the party

When you’re out for the night, you have to show that you are the life of the party, and that means going all out with your outfit. It goes hand-in-hand with the first tip, because once you’ve fully emnbraced the attention, then you’ll feel more comfortable wearing clothes that are meant to turn heads. Take for example this sultry sparkly dress of Irene, give your look a much needed boost of flair for your night out.

Grab everyone’s attention by going for a sultry outfit during a night out

Know how to add some spice

What if the location calls for something elegant? Remember, you’re a diva and there are moments when you can give the theme a bit of a twist. The Irene Tiu way of doing this is by keeping the silhouette within the classics so it still has looks timeless to it, but when it comes to the draping, that’s where you can experiment to add character to your piece. 

Give your look a modern flair like Irene Tiu

Photos: MARIS RACAL (via Instagram)

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