This is the Needle-Free Skin Treatment That Keeps Piolo Pascual’s Face Sculpted

This is the Needle-Free Skin Treatment That Keeps Piolo Pascual’s Face Sculpted


In an unsurprising move, Piolo Pascual becomes the face of Belo’s campaign for Emface, the revolutionary treatment that addresses fine lines and aging facial skin

While building muscle keeps the body healthy and young-looking, weightlifting doesn’t solve the same problem for facial muscles that sag and disappear as you age. This is the problem Belo Medical Group aims to solve with Emface, the first and only needle-free procedure in the country that uses radio frequency and electromagnetic stimulation to lift and tighten facial muscles.

Piolo Pascual and Dr. Vicki Belo
Piolo Pascual and Dr. Vicki Belo

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The essential information

Piolo Pascual has always been dedicated to his fitness and body goals, but this year, he’s making sure that his facial skin receives as much care. Despite regular skin treatments to keep facial skin plump, aging still causes facial muscles to weaken over time, resulting in saginess. This is what the Belo Emface directly addresses using High-Intensity Facial Electrical Stimulation (HIFES™️) Technology. This technology can increase the density and quality of the muscle structure, thereby lifting and tightening the facial muscles for a more youthful appearance.

Unlike any other facial contouring procedure, the Belo Emface goes deeper than the surface by stimulating facial muscles to contract. Hear how the procedure works from Dr. Vicki Belo herself in the video below:


EMface works out and tones the muscles of the face. The best part? It’s quick, needle-free and painless! To know more about Emface, book a consultation or an appointment today at 💓

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It is also worth noting that this procedure is painless, non-invasive, and does not require recovery or downtime. When done for a minimum of four sessions every two weeks, the results in your facial muscle volume and skin density become noticeable. Additionally, sessions only take 20 to 30 minutes each, which is a small time commitment in exchange for a tighter jawline, a lifted forehead, brighter eyes, and lifted cheeks.

Whole-body fitness

Belo ambassador Piolo Pascual
Belo ambassador Piolo Pascual

Emface is the perfect treatment for people with already sagging facial muscles, especially those in their mid-30s and above. Despite being nearly 46, Piolo is still considered one of the most sought-after male celebrities in the country. This is owed to his commitment to his body, which many men and women manage as well through a healthy weightlifting routine. Now, with Belo Emface, you can get your face to do some heavy lifting too so your body looks tight and toned from every angle.

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Photos: BELO

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