This Is The Perfect Pandemic Christmas Gift For Your Loved Ones

This Is The Perfect Pandemic Christmas Gift For Your Loved Ones


During the pandemic, we absolutely need two things to keep us ready for the day. Find out how you can give both to your loved ones this holiday season.

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Whenever leaving the house to brace the world, two things are absolutely essential: a face mask and a face shield. After months of perusing through all possible types of protective wear, it’s hard to spot which are the best ones in the market. Nevertheless, there were two particular brands that stuck out during the wake of the pandemic. For face masks, it definitely would have to be Copper Defense PH’s Magicopper mask. As for the face shield category, we would like to place our bet on the Spacevue’s bubble shield. What if we told you, you could get both as a bundle for the benefit of typhoon victims this holiday season? Too good to be true? Definitely, not, because it’s happening!

This holiday season, Spacevue has launched Spacevue: A Gift with a Purpose, which features the Spacevue x Magicopper Limited Edition box. You can buy it for yourself or gift it to a special someone this Christmas. The limited edition box contains Spacevue’s full-face protective face shield and Copper Defense PH’s Magicopper mask. Additionally, the collaboration is not just a way for Spacevue to deliver the best products, but to also give back to the Filipino community. For every collaboration pack sold, a family in Bicol, Rizal, and Marikina will receive a grocery package.

The Spacevue Bubble Face Shield

Dubbed as “the most luxurious and sought-after full-face protective face shield in the market,” Spacevue’s bubble face shield is of top caliber in the face shield industry. Their shields feature an eyewear-friendly design around the nasal and ear area, optimal glass-like clarity, and an anti-fog feature that is perfect for heavy mask wearers. Learn more about their product here.

Copper Defense PH’s Magicopper Mask

The trending Magicopper mask by Copper Defense PH is the most talked about face mask in the country. The product’s copper technology comes all the way from Korea, where it was developed and created. Moreover, Copper Defense PH is the official reseller of this technology from Korea, so you can’t expect anything less than the best. Learn more about their product here

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