This is Where You Can Order and Get a Taste of a Beloved Family Recipe

This is Where You Can Order and Get a Taste of a Beloved Family Recipe


It’s not always easy to foresee success, and the same goes for creating delicious meals to commemorate these occasions. Thankfully, Mum’s Lasagna is here to come to the rescue

Filipinos love to celebrate, whether they’re small or big wins in life. And in every winning moment, food is always part of it. Without indulging in mouthwatering cuisine that tastes like a pat on the back for a job well done with every bite, these celebrations would be incomplete. Fortunately, there are takeout options like Mum’s Lasagna that can sate your demands for success nowadays. Their menu features dishes like their famous lasagna, mushroom puffs, nachos, and honey-roasted chicken, which are great for both family get-togethers and regular dinners.

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From a Home Kitchen to a Commercial Hub

Mum's Lasagna takeout options
Mum’s Lasagna is for every pasta lover

Mum’s Lasagna was founded with the sole intention of carrying on a mother’s legacy—her unique lasagna. What began as a home-based business launched by a single mother’s five children in 2018, has grown into a commercial store in Quezon City in 2022. From taking the risk of introducing their mom’s recipe to the community to turning it into the sole income of the family, it took the business a long time before gaining the respect of its customers.

Today, Mum’s Lasagna is a go-to tray for gatherings, parties, and event needs. Their specialty is found in their name: the layer after layer of rich meaty sauce and pasta sheets with their own twist of cheesy béchamel sauce. 

Mum's Honey Roasted Chicken
Satisfy your meat cravings with this Honey Roasted Chicken

Aside from pasta, they also serve meat options like their Honey Roasted Chicken, a protein-packed hearty meal with herb-encrusted sweet potato gratin, perfect as an option to your lunch or dinner meals.

A Meal Box for Your Wins or Cravings

Besides their trays of hearty dishes, Mum’s Lasagna also serves a bit of everything they offer with the Meal Box. This option gives you generous servings of the following: the Mum’s Lasagna, Quarter Leg Honey-Roasted Chicken, Nachos, and Mushroom Puffs.

Super saver meal box—the perfect way to taste some of their classic offerings

Since its founding, Mum’s Lasagna has made sure to stay true to its mission: to provide everyone with the comforts of home through its cuisine. It’s a feeling all too familiar, just like how a mother looks after her children every single day.


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