This is Why Dennis Trillo is Our Favorite TikToker Right Now

This is Why Dennis Trillo is Our Favorite TikToker Right Now


The actor’s long-running career in showbiz is proof that he takes his roles seriously, and his TikTok personality is very much included

Besides vlogs, TikTok has become an entertainment source for celebrities to showcase their wackier sides, and Dennis Trillo is definitely making the most out of the platform. From his family content involving wife Jennylyn Mercado and their children, he has successfully transitioned his content into keeping up with almost all trends. 

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Dennis Trillo MEGA Ent TikTok

His videos are proof that the Maria Clara at Ibarra star has definitely veered from the formal Crisostomo and serious Simoun he’s been recently known for. At a time when people are conscious about their image, it’s truly refreshing to see a less-filtered side of Dennis, even with the effects of filters available on the app. If you need more reasons to check out his content, here’s why we’re loving the actor’s TikTok videos. 

He goes all out for the content

Dennis’ commitment to follow the original “Pogi Sige Na” TikTok format does not go unnoticed, and the 20.4M plays agree with that. The actor shot the video in different locations of their house, and he even included a scene by the guard house. Talk about dedication even for the silly things! What more for his roles, right? 

@dennistrilloph Akala ko hindi ko na ulit magagamit yung mamahalin kong BOW TIE eh🎀😆 #fyp #foryoupageofficiall #viralvideo #gmagala2023 ♬ LDR – Shoti

He takes inspiration from fellow actors

Recently, Marian Rivera went back to her grooving roots and posted a dance cover of “Price Tag.” The Love Before Sunrise main lead made his own rendition, and he even nailed the relaxed loungewear worn by the actress. Let’s be honest—we’re waiting for Dennis to make his own Jak Roberto trending video!

@dennistrilloph 🍟🏷️ #FriesTag #foryoupage #fyp ♬ original sound – MarianRivera

He still makes his content a family affair

Though the majority of his videos capture mostly himself, the GMA artist brings his family along with him. The TikToks don’t just feature him as the silly one, but also highlight the wackiness of Jennylyn and their daughter, Dylan, too. Who wouldn’t love a family dynamic with a whole lot of fun involved? 

@dennistrilloph Pa Kaldag na ko eh!🕺🤦🏻 Jento! @Jen Mercado #fyp #foryourpage #dento @ANTHEM ♬ GENTO – SB19


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