This Is Why You Still Need Sunscreen Even During Quarantine

This Is Why You Still Need Sunscreen Even During Quarantine


Have you been skipping out on sunscreen since quarantine started? You’d be surprised to know how much you still need it.

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At this point in quarantine, we’re starting to get used to our life indoors. Suddenly, beds are the new office desks and kitchens are the new restaurants. If your day starts and ends in the bedroom, then you have probably started skipping out on the sunscreen. That’s okay. Most of us have, anyway. But, recent research from Japanese doctor, Yosuke Ikebe, proves that we might need sunscreen now more than ever. In fact, UVA and UVB rays have the potential of penetrating the skin even at the comfort of our own homes. To combat this, we’ve listed down the sun exposure scenarios you can get into during quarantine and the type of sunscreen you need for it.

For Going Out To Do Errands
Type of sunscreen: Waterproof Sunscreen
Our recommendation: Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen

We may not want to, but inevitably we go out during the pandemic. For instance, it may be because of grocery runs or delivery pick-ups at the village gate. Whichever scenario you’re in, you’ll probably need to wear a face mask and a face shield. Despite covering the majority of your face, these protective gears can only do so much against the harmful rays of the sun. Thus, you’ll be needing sunscreen that can fight through the perspiration that comes along wearing a mask. We recommend Anessa’s Perfect UV Sunscreen for this situation. The UV protection of this sunscreen becomes even stronger with heat, sweat, and water. So, you won’t have to worry about fogging up your face shield.


For spending a day indoors
Type of sunscreen: Milk-based Sunscreen
Our recommendation: MISSHA Sun Milk

There is a common misconception that LED and LCD screens emit UVA and UVB rays. We’re going to debunk this- they do not. Science has evolved enough to prevent this from happening. Nonetheless, there are still different types of harmful lights emitted from our screens. Apart from this, any form of light from the sun that seeps in our windows have the potential of damaging the skin. However, we understand. You’re at home. You wouldn’t want any sticky sunscreen to bother you while you go about your day, which is why we recommend milk-based sunscreens. A good example of this is the MISSHA Sun Milk. Sunscreens that are milk-based are lightweight, smooth, and absorbent. They feel primer-like, so you wouldn’t even notice wearing it at home. 

For when you need to soak up on Vitamin D
Type of sunscreen: Sunscreen with high SPF
Our recommendation: LANA Skin Protect Brightening Sunblock

Certainly, there are negative effects to sun exposure like skin aging and sun spots. But, there are also benefits that come along a decent amount of sun exposure. One of the benefits is Vitamin D. A lack of this nutrient, may even be the reason why you’ve been getting quarantine acne. That’s why dermatologists have advised patients to spend at least 10 min under the midday sun, several times a week. This is to ensure enough Vitamin D absorption. Now that you’ll be spending a little bit more time under the sun, you’ll be needing the right sunscreen to protect you. We recommend the LANA Skin Protect Brightening Sunblock. This facial sunscreen is SPF 80+, but may still be used on sensitive skin. So, you won’t have to worry about bracing the sun.

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