This Is Your Love Language Based on Your Favorite Romance Movie

This Is Your Love Language Based on Your Favorite Romance Movie


Ever wondered what your giving love language looks like in movies? Don’t worry because we matched famous romance movies with the five languages

The month of love has come, and we are already bombarded with countless social media content that include photos of flowers and chocolates. You’ve got your coupled up besties going out on dates, while others are staying in the comfort of their homes. That is why it’s only fitting that we join in the love fest by listing down some of your favorite romance movies, and using that as a basis on what you’re giving love language might be. 

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50 First Dates as Acts of Service

This movie was kind of a whirlwind of emotions, but we can’t deny how admirable Adam Sandler’s character was as he tried to help Drew Barrymore’s role remember her memories. From the constant effort when it comes to date planning, to the little things that can hopefully make her life easier, let’s just say that this movie shows the very heart of what it means to love with service.

Flipped as Receiving Gifts

Much like the movie, your take on love is rather wholesome, and you’re more on the sentimental side when it comes to gifts. You like the occasional extravagant tokens, but what really gets you is when they give you something that is close to your heart, and also love to craft your ideas on how you can make your partner swoon with a thoughtful gift.

Crazy Rich Asians as Words of Affirmation

You would expect for this movie to land on receiving gifts, but let’s face it, more comforting words were dropped by the couple that went straight to our hearts. That scene when she was threatened by the ex and her little gang? She was assured via an instant phone call by Nick. The airplane proposal? Best believe that became every girl’s dream proposal right there. And if you’re someone who gives love through words, let this movie be an example of how your relationship will look like in the future. 

To All The Boys I’ve Loved as Physical Touch

We get it, it’s in a high school setting which makes the trope of a love-hate relationship even stronger. Remember that back pocket scene everyone freaked out on? Let’s just say physical touch people added that to their list of tricks just in case it comes in handy. Beyond that, you’ll see how the slightest action can truly make a difference in your chemistry. 

About time as Quality Time

After the many times Domhnall Gleeson’s character went back in time to correct some affairs, we love how the movie ended with a message of embracing time and its unpredictability. How every moment should be cherished regardless of how it may close. It’s very much in tune with how a person who loves through quality time sees their relationship, and the movie perfectly explains why they love the way they do in the first place. 

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