This Modern Furniture E-Store Is The Newest Endeavor Of Designer Bang Pineda

This Modern Furniture E-Store Is The Newest Endeavor Of Designer Bang Pineda


Stylist, fashion designer, and now furniture mogul, Bang Pineda is the ultimate triple threat in the design industry. Find out how he got started with his latest business venture.

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We dubbed Bang Pineda as the fashion rule-breaker of the industry in 2019’s September Designer Spotlight. The esteemed designer is known for his menswear and streetwear designs. His creations have been worn by A-list celebrities, such as Sarah Geronimo, Nadine Lustre, Regine Velasquez, Dr. Vicky Belo, and more.

Starting out at as a fashion stylist, Bang was able to put a foot in the door before deciding the create garments. Much like his newest endeavor, the designer has all the right resources, an eye for beautiful aesthetics, and a strong will to power through, which is why it came to no surprise that Bang will start creating furniture for his new brand, Home by BANG. Learn more from the designer himself in this exclusive interview of Bang Pineda.

Bang Pineda, Home by BANG

A dream come true 
If you take a closer look at Bang Pineda’s Instagram, you’ll find snaps of his eccentrically beautiful home decor. We already knew he has an eye for aesthetically pleasing interiors, but did you know it was his life-long dream to be an interior designer? The acclaimed designer’s driving determination came from a deep longing to create and decorate beautiful interiors. 

MEGA: Why did you start a home collection?

Bang: I have always wanted to be an interior designer ever since, but fate led me to another path [and I] became a fashion designer. I think this is a big factor on how this home collection came about.

M: What was the inspiration behind your first home collection?

B: The first set of the collection is called the POP of collection, which is inspired by my fashion pieces that are bright and bold in colors.

Bang Pineda, Home by BANG

For the bold and blissful
Many fell in love with Bang’s pieces because of their bold colors and striking silhouettes. Like his garments, Bang is confident that his loyal customers will enjoy the furniture he’ll be offering in Home by BANG. In fact, we see potential in more than just his usual market. Anyone who is looking for pieces that will liven up the room can direct themselves to Bang’s colorful selection of chairs, pillows, and more. 

M: Who did you have in mind when you were creating your home collection?

B: I feel the market for these pieces are the same clients that BANG streetwear has—those who are fun, experimental, edgy, and are not afraid to use colors.

A step in to the right direction
More than being a designer, Bang Pineda is a successful entrepreneur. He has always been extremely hands on in all the endeavors he sets out to do. We would not expect anything less from the creative mind behind Home by BANG. Aside from this, it was wonderful to hear from the designer that he is utilizing Filipino craftsmanship and talent to create his pieces. 

M: Share an experience in which you oversaw the assembly, fabrication, construction, maintenance, or modification of equipment. How did you communicate to the staff what you wanted?

B: I am very hands-on with the home collection—from sourcing the manufacturers to sourcing the materials. Since I’m from Pampanga, it is just right that manufacturers are also from here, specifically Betis, which is know as the furniture capital of Pampanga.”

M: What does Home by BANG plan to do in the year 2021?

B: At the start of 2021, we will release the full collection of Home by BANG, and eventually, we will venture into home decorating.

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