These Three Things Will Happen to You Once You Put the Phone Down

These Three Things Will Happen to You Once You Put the Phone Down


Smartphones have become man’s new best friend, but its entertainment value and online social functions can make it a burden rather than a blessing. Imagine that instead of socializing with your friends, you just stay at home glued to your phone.

It’s amazing to know that after decades of innovation, we are now capable of having a supercomputer in our pockets. It is used for communication, bridging people from across the world. It’s also used for entertainment, giving us countless hours of games, video, and music to immerse ourselves in. It probably knows us more than we realize, recording our daily behavior and habits. Its convenience makes it a daily necessity and an easy enough device to pull out when we want to. It has become a gateway for endless possibilities.

But when we’re on a night out surrounded by San Miguel Beer and good company, our phones distract us from peer-to-peer interaction. What is meant to be a communication aid can become quite the opposite. Instead of turning to our phones for momentary joy and insensible online interactions, we should turn to our friends for an exchange of genuine conversations. Here’s a list of three things you can gain every time you put the phone down during group hangouts in this year’s San Miguel Oktoberfest.

Shared experiences with friends

Interactions with one another are a lot easier when your eyes and hands are free. Shared human experiences are the root of any great friendship–they give you something to reminisce on. Communication is always better when done through words and actions rather than text and pictures. Keep the night alive with exciting stories and fun banter over some bar chow and bottles of San Miguel Beer. Don’t you want to be part of an Oktoberfest that you and your friends might reminisce in the future?

Creating connections with your partner

Some nights, it might just be you and your partner out for a nightcap. Love isn’t easy, and it sure isn’t easier with a phone in between the two of you. No one wants to be given the cold shoulder, especially when it’s a date. Eye contact, constant conversations, and giving your undivided attention are essential in creating lasting connections with your partner. Nothing beats intimate conversations, especially with bottles of San Mig Light for a long night out.

Living in the moment and not online

How often do you take the time to observe and appreciate your surroundings? If you’re always online through your smartphone during a night out, you might miss out on important details that make a memorable night. Maybe it’s the OPM playlist that takes you back to your teenage days or bumping into a friend you haven’t seen in a long time. Better yet, it could be the ice-cold San Miguel Pale Pilsen served straight from the chiller. You’ll learn to love all the little things and cherish what you have at the moment once you let go of what’s online.

Next time you’ll be out with friends to grab a few drinks, don’t forget to put down the phone and create new memories and lasting connections. For exciting moments to share with your friends this October, be sure to check out the line-up of events and parties in this year’s San Miguel Oktoberfest. Go visit any of the over 2,000 bars celebrating San Miguel Oktoberfest, running San Miguel bucket promos and parties. It’s time to put down your phone, meet your friends, and enjoy the night. Visit San Miguel Oktoberfest’s Facebook page for more information.

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