Three Brands That are Experimenting With Sustainable Practices

Three Brands That are Experimenting With Sustainable Practices


We’re putting the spotlight towards creative innovations with these three ethically-forward practices.

When creativity and innovation meet, we can only expect one-of-a-kind pieces that will bring fashion to new heights. Whether it may be new to the market or truly experimental, it is quite assuring to see creatives and designers move towards ethical practices. 

To give light to these creations, we listed down three brands that have been experimenting with nature and technology for their collections. 

Stella McCartney’s 2023 Resort Collection

One must not be deceived by the familiar-looking materials on Stella McCartney’s resort collection. Guided by the book of natural scientist Miriam Rothschild, the house was able to hone the craft of farming their own materials. 

Photo Credit: @stellamccartney (via Instagram)

With a collection that holds 85% sustainably produced materials, Stella McCartney proudly sets a record in their house. One innovative practice to be mentioned is their production of grape leather using grape waste for their bags and bottoms. 

Loewe’s 2023 Spring/Summer Menswear Collection

A highly experimental collection is exhibited by Loewe. In a play of the authentic and the fabricated, Jonathan Anderson farmed Chia seeds and catnip in the materials itself—one can say that it’s an actual living piece. 

Photo Credit: @loewe (via Instagram)

Planted onto coats, bottoms, and shoes, we can only describe it as a natural embroidery that’s beautifully decorated on the pieces. 

Balenciaga’s Mushroom Coat

Giving proper recognition to their piece, Balenciaga experiments on resources that can be an alternative to the usual use of animal leather. In order to lessen their ecological footprint, the brand ventures into the use of mushrooms to create a new form of leather. 

Photo Credit: @balenciaga (via Instagram)

Made from pure and non-hybrid mycelium, the material becomes the first of all to be used in fashion. Designed with such edge and modernity, Balenciaga honed the leather-like material to create a long coat that’s perfect for the winter season.

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