Three Ideas You’ll Cop From Bea Alonzo’s Birthday Bash for Dominic Roque

Three Ideas You’ll Cop From Bea Alonzo’s Birthday Bash for Dominic Roque


If the actress is considering another career to add under her achievements, party planning could be it.

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The world is opening up once again and full-blown parties here and there are starting to pack your schedule. From birthdays to weddings and even graduations, people are making up for the great times under-celebrated due to the pandemic.

By the time it’s your turn to plan your own gathering or even a bash for your family or friends, you might have gone through a lot of Pinterest pins or Instagram posts for inspiration. Later on, you realize that what you want to do has already been done by many.

But fear fret not for your next celebration! Thanks to the the surprise birthday Bea Alonzo threw for her beau Dominic Roque, we’re bringing you ideas that you can rehash and revamp with your own creativity!

Create a stylish and practical table setting.

If you have built a glassware collection from online shopping during the pandemic, now’s the time you can use those pieces for a party project! Take inspiration from Randy Lazaro‘s setup—mix and match the pieces and use them as vases or candle holders. The narrower and taller ones can be used as vases for flowers, leaves, and other decor you may want in them. Meanwhile, fill the stouter ones with water, and let some candles float on them. The latter is actually very useful especially for outdoor dining areas, so flies and insects won’t ruin your scrumptious dinner.

Customize name cards for your guests.

You can elevate your simple dinner with some name cards—just as Bea sourced hers from Shin & Co. Print. But instead of getting them from a print shop, why not write the names of your guests yourself? Want to make them even more special? Add a special message inside or at the back.

Curate useful items as giveaways.

The best way for your guests to remember your celebration is giving them an essential they’ll remember you by. For Dominic’s party, Bea chose to give out candles from Somewhere Candle Co.—a practical and aesthetically pleasing choice! Another good giveaway idea is a handy alcohol spray bottle with a simple design so your guests can bring them everywhere they go!

Photo from: Randy Lazaro and Adrian Ardiente

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