Three Natural Antioxidants for Youthful Skin You Need To Have

Three Natural Antioxidants for Youthful Skin You Need To Have


Looking for skincare products that fit your natural lifestyle? We’ve rounded up a list of powerful antioxidants to note

There’s a reason why everyone is switching to a more natural lifestyle. One scroll through your social media feeds and this becomes evident–bike rides for daily errands and home-cooked meals to name a couple. From the food that we eat to the products that we use, going natural does not only mean living sustainably, but also harnessing the power of nature’s gifts for our overall wellness. A major health benefit found in taking natural ingredients is the amazing world of antioxidants–natural compounds that fight the remains of oxidation in our bodies, slowing down cell damage. To learn more about these cell saviors, here are three powerful antioxidants to look for in your anti-aging skincare products, all of which are readily available in every capsule of Myra Ultimate:


This naturally-produced nutrient, derived from freshwater microalgae, is getting more and more people talking about antioxidants. How could they not–astaxanthin is known to combat various bad health effects, prevent skin inflammation, and most of all, boost the signs of healthy skin giving it a healthy glow.

As an antioxidant, astaxanthin fights off cell oxidation by-products and keeps your inner self free from harm. When we take astaxanthin through Myra Ultimate, this process becomes highly-evident on our skin, slowing down the visible signs of skin aging caused by stress. The result: less wrinkles and fine lines on your skin, making it more firm and supple.

Vitamin E

With a whole host of vitamins being named by letters and numbers, knowing which does what can get confusing. But if there’s one you should watch out for, it’s the antioxidant Vitamin E. There are eight different forms of this nutrient, but they’re all known for preventing cell damage from the effects of pollutants and UV exposure.

For the unfamiliar, exposure to UV rays can cause premature aging of the skin and signs of lingering and dark spots. Having antioxidants such as Vitamin E as a part of your regular diet can help combat these effects by adding moisture to your skin, making it look and feel more youthful.


You’ve probably heard this word from various cooking commercials, or seen it on tomato-based food packaging. These statements don’t lie–lycopene is a great addition to your nature-filled diet to help boost anti-aging effects. More than your skin’s newfound youthful look, lycopene also helps prevent cell damage and boost your heart health by reducing bad cholesterol. Now that’s wellness both inside and out!

Myra Ultimate Box of 30 Capsules

Look younger and feel refreshed with antioxidants that benefit the entire skin wellness spectrum. As we switch to more dynamic lifestyles, balancing work and play at home and cautiously outdoors, why not switch your skincare routine as well? The benefits of going natural have never been this clear. With these enriching ingredients found in Myra Ultimate, living life at 40 and beyond can go smoothly.

Start defying 40 today with Myra Ultimate. With regular intake, you can see visible results within four to six weeks. For more information, visit their website.

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