Three Tough Truths About Life From ‘Doll House’

Three Tough Truths About Life From ‘Doll House’


The film starring Baron Geisler and Althea Ruedas presents an authentic take on what it means to live with the circumstances and consequences of life. 

If you’ve been scrolling through your Netflix going over your feed on social media recently, you’ve probably seen the newest Netflix movie that has gone viral—Doll House. This family drama, directed by Marla Ancheta and inspired by GMA artist Faye Lorenzo’s story, displays the bond between a father and his daughter, and how time paves way for redemption.

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Besides Baron Geisler displaying a stellar performance as Rustin Clyde Villanueva, the narrative will surely spark a conversation for the audience. Why? It is a take on the reality that many families face in the country. With that, we’re breaking down the three tough truths about life that Doll Face tackled. 

Addiction is a serious matter

In the story, Rustin’s addiction to vices cost him his deepest relationships—a theme common to the real-life experiences of many individuals. Rehabilitation is no linear progress, and it takes a lot of support, never mockery, to fully help a person suffering from it. 

Photo Credit: Netflix (via YouTube)

Humans are multidimensional

An individual can be a hero in one part of life, and a villain in another. While Yumi, played by Althea Ruades, only saw the good side of her father, her uncle and aunt knew Rustin’s wrongdoings. However, people can choose to change, grow, and learn. 

Photo Credit: Netflix (via YouTube)

Time is essential for healing

Lastly, no wound is cured overnight, no matter how hard we try. It is only when Yumi becomes a young adult that she fully makes peace with the truth about her father Rustin. The hands of time work their way towards acceptance and healing, and that’s something we need to face.

Photos from NETFLIX (via YouTube)

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