Let Your Guard Up: TikTok Stamps Out Misinformation on its Platform

Let Your Guard Up: TikTok Stamps Out Misinformation on its Platform


While it’s important to be able to express oneself, it’s just as equally important to stay safe and keep your eyes wide open in the virtual scene

There’s an old saying that says, “Before you say and do, think about it seven times.” It implies that our choices have corresponding consequences—be it good or bad—thus, urging us to look at the bigger picture before saying or doing things we might regret. As old as it might be, the proverb still holds true at a time like now, especially that it has become easy to access information that may or may not be dangerous to us and to the truth. TikTok wants to reiterate that now more than ever.

In a livestream titled “TikTok Digital Literacy Hub: A Guide to Online Safety” on July 7, 2022, the leading short-form video platform emphasized its continued commitment to help everyone navigate the digital space safely and fight against misinformation by increasing the users’ access to safety features and community support. TikTok launched the in-app Digital Literacy Hub anchored in the hashtag #thinkb4youdo.

In this photo (left to right): TikTok Head of Public Policy, the Philippines, Mr.Kristoffer Rada; TikTok Content Creator, Mighty Magulang, Ms. Mona Magno-Veluz; Chief of Party, YouthLed, Ms. Ching Jorge; Internews Senior Program Officer, Mr. Gian Libot; and Event Host, Ms. Antoinette Taus

Watch out, shield up, and get support

Digital Literacy Hub serves as a one-stop portal where one can seek answers on discussions surrounding digital literacy, such as the do’s and don’ts of content creation, the formation of age-appropriate content, and so on. It is a special in-app feature that equips users with tools they need to protect themselves, while they create, express, and connect online.

“[Misinformation] really needs a holistic approach, a multi-pronged approach for us to get to a solution… We are embarking on that first step of this journey towards critical thinking and digital literacy.”

Kristoffer Rada, TikTok Philippines Head of Policy, on increasing the awareness on digital literacy

Aside from scenario-based learning content, the hub hosts quizzes to see if one is adept at keeping the online environment safe. Such resources are designed to empower users to think twice before doing anything on the internet. This includes the propagation of fake news, or even taking on challenges that may risk anyone’s life or their own, all while being able to recognize and report malicious content when encountered.

TikTok’s Digital Literacy Hub has set a four-step guideline to help users become more discerning about the type of content they choose to engage with: stop for a moment, think about what they’ve seen, decide how the content made them feel, and act on those feelings. 

Champion digital literacy and keep the digital space safe with TikTok. Download the app on your iOS and Android devices today to join the Digital Literacy Hub.

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