Time to Showcase Your Celebrations with These Exquisite Display Cases

Time to Showcase Your Celebrations with These Exquisite Display Cases


As time flows, celebrations are bound to happen. Showcase is making it extra meaningful with its well-thought-of offerings that are perfect for your next gift-givings.

Whether you like it or not, time dictates what you need to do. You wake up at 6:00 a.m. to get ready for the day, go to school or log in to work at 8:00 a.m., and have your lunch at 12 noon. The flow continues until you have dinner at 7:00 p.m. and finally tuck in at 10:00 p.m. This schedule varies for everybody, but the commonality is that our activities depend on the ticking of time. Thus, there is no question why most, if not all, of us have wristwatches—the most convenient way to keep track of your time throughout the day.

Time is an endless flow. It does not stop and it is irrevocable. But that is the beauty in it. As time flows, we get to move forward. Look after and be excited about what is yet to come. Feeling thrilled for an upcoming anniversary plan? Excited to blow your candles on your nearing birthday? Countdowns to Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner, too. When it is time for these rejoices, celebrating with gifts make them more remarkable. Cherish these times by matching your watches with the special storage it deserves. Either for yourself or others, Showcase is what you need to safekeep your watches.

UNO: For the Favorite

UNO flaunts your most precious watch and comes with drawer for that extra space you need.
Photo credit: Mr. Stanley Ong, @stanongphotog

This is the home of your most favorite piece. UNO from Showcase specially dedicates one slot for a watch on a Natural Camphor Wood. This is also ideal for starters—best as a graduation gift or for those who got their first job.

AL PAR: For the Inseparable

Share your story of togetherness with AL PAR.
Photo credit: Mr. Stanley Ong, @stanongphotog

Here’s the house that is only for two. Specially dedicated spaces meant for togetherness, materialized through Red Brown Oak Wood, Showcase’s AL PAR is best for the partners that are a match made in heaven. This is ideal for couples on special dates or as a Valentine’s gift.

IKAT: For the Perfect Triad

Party with your collection of three in IKAT.
Photo credit: Mr. Stanley Ong, @stanongphotog

As they say, three is a party. This is for the Harry-Hermione-Ron team up. Distinctive with its Yellow Camphor Wood, Showcase’s IKAT provides the perfect balance for three. This is a good wishlist-checker for Christmas.

QUATRE: For the Collections

QUATRE, four slots favoring the collectors and enthusiasts.
Photo credit: Mr. Stanley Ong, @stanongphotog

QUATRE fits the need to have four. This is the Showcase for the hobbyist. QUATRE is emphasized in either Dark Brown Oak Wood or Natural Camphor Wood to serve both exquisite tastes. Here’s a good gift for all seasons, but great for collectors and interior enthusiasts.

All these are fitted with padded trays and PU leather for the comfort and safety of the watches. Drawers with PU leather padding are also available for that extra space to store some things that complement your precious watches. For a sleek look, the velvet-lined underside is carefully curated on each of these watch storages. Acrylic glasses are installed to let you see through and protect your watches. 

Showcase started with its own stories. And now, it is here to help you tell yours.

Celebrate your precious moments with Showcase. Feel free to browse the gallery of Showcase through their Facebook, Instagram, TikTok accounts, and on their official website.

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