7 Tips You Can Pick Up From Dua Lipa’s Fashion Sense

7 Tips You Can Pick Up From Dua Lipa’s Fashion Sense


Lipa’s amazing range doesn’t just apply to her vocals, but also her show-stopping sense of fashion. Grab your daily dose of It Girl style inspo here. 

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Dua Lipa is not only known for her killer vocals but for also maintaining an impressive sartorial streak. Her fashion sense knows no bounds as her wardrobe seems to be filled with what was vogue in the early aughts to more elegant and modern high fashion apparel and accessories. The limitless range her sartorial abilities display makes her the perfect style icon to emulate and get inspiration from. Best of all, her outfits showcase the best thing about fashion—making use of clothing to unapologetically be yourself. 

Here are some tips you can pick up from the 26 year-old fashionista. 

Go Bold With Colors 

The superstar is not one to bow out from mixing and matching the wildest of colors. 

If you’re still not used to the flashy hues and unsure on how to achieve the right combination, there’s no need to fret. Lipa’s Instagram feed comes to your rescue with a full proof, tried-and-tested assembly of complementary colors to don. 

Co-ords Work

Matching outfits seem to never go out of style. Whoever said it looks gaudy is wrong, co-ords are an easy fit that flawlessly serve a complete look. 

Since these outfits are made up of the same fabric or hue, maybe choose a statement piece like a brightly colored carry-on or a flashy adornment to break the monotony. 

Make Your Way From The Top 

Fashion is not just focused on the body. Lipa’s fashion sense shares with us this tip—the best outfits sometimes actually commence from the head. Trucker hats and dainty crochet caps, anyone? 

Take A Blast From The Past

One sure-ball tip you can grab and apply from the singer’s sense of fashion is that you can never go wrong with recreating styles from way before. They’ve already been pre-approved to work and more often than not, they’re touted as iconic. 

Some of the model’s fave eras fall under Y2K and the 90’s—and she absolutely slays in them. Full proof, below.

Experiment with Lengths and Cuts 

Like playing with colors, trying out lengths and cuts can be intimidating. But the key is all about the balance. Going with a crop top? Pair it with a long straight-cut skirt. Rocking a sleeveless bodysuit with peekaboos here and there? A sweater sleeve with a mock neck would complement. 

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize 

One thing’s for sure, Lipa’s fashion sense does not correlate with minimalism. You’ll barely see the songwriter without trinkets adorning her fingers, ears or neck. Her maximalist approach to fashion makes use of every space in her body that can be embellished. 

Find pieces that are enough to make a statement on their own, but also elevate what you’re already wearing. 

Photo Courtesy of Instagram (@dualipa)
Photo Courtesy of Instagram (@dualipa)

Investing In High Fashion Is Worth It

Take a cue from the superstar’s wardrobe: high fashion is worth investing in. Yes, maybe not as much as the singer has. Instead of quantity, bank on quality pieces that don’t just put the “value” on “high value” with its opulent price tag. Get your money’s worth with products that make good ROI because they are well-made, will last a lifetime and of course, are a sight for sore eyes. 

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